The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Floating Around

Hey everybody, hope you had a Happy 4th! Too bad it rained on Thursday night, ruining most area fireworks displays. Despite a downpour to float Noah's Arc, they were not cancelled in most communities, making for a soggy pastime. Fortunately I watched the fireworks in Southwick the night before from a great location - a boat floating on Congamond Lake! I noticed that on the shoreline someone had made, bought or otherwise acquired a giant dinosaur, a stegosaurus I believe, and planted it on their property.

It was really nice earlier in the day, floating around the lake and enjoying the peace of the wide open outdoors. There are just so many wonderful things to do in our fantastic Valley that no summer is ever long enough.

I was in Westfield this week and noticed this strange covering for a set of stairs going up the side of a building. Never saw anything quite like it before, it looks like a wooden worm climbing up the wall.

Over in Hadley, I noticed that the farms, which it seems like yesterday were just freshly plowed, are now in full mid-summer growth.

O New England Summer! Why art thou so fleeting?

Bill Dusty put up a shocking photograph on his website of something he discovered when he was at Springfield City Hall for a meeting: There is a Yankees banner hanging in the City Council office!

Do we need anything else to justify an incumbent bloodbath in November? I think not.

On a whole other subject, here's some food for thought about some upcoming legislation:


Theresa said...

Wow! This was definitely worth the wait. I can't wait until next Saturday to read the next installment.

Mary E.Carey said...

I agree with Theresa. This is a really good story. Your grandfather on your father's side sounds like he was bit like my grandfather on my Dad's side. The part about your mom is so poignant. Maybe post some old photos of your mom and dad with the third installment?

Erin said...

It isn't nice to leave us until next saturday! I'm DYING here to read the rest of the story :-)