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The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Probably the best part of the whole Norwottock Rail Trail is the part in Northampton (above) where you cross the old railroad trestle over the Connecticut River. It runs directly parallel to the Calvin Coolidge Bridge, as you can see below.

It is a breathtaking view and a real natural rush to walk across it. Here's a picture Andy took of me today shirtless, high and happy standing over the mighty Connecticut.

Facing away from the Coolidge Bridge, you can see the Connecticut River in a more natural setting as it goes around the bend. It is this river that carved out our entire region. It is is like the flowing of blood. It is beyond time and place. This is the ancient earth mother of our Valley.

At the end of the trail we cross the street to this great place. They have 54 flavors of smooth (not hard) ice cream. Of course I take advantage of all that variety by ordering vanilla.

After walking the trail, the frosty, swirly ice cream on my dry tongue is so sensual - I've had sex that wasn't as good as that ice cream cone! Walking towards the bus stop and trying, not always successfully, to lick the ice cream faster than it can melt into drips, we suddenly come across this guy waving a big sign on Route Nine. A woman is with him waving a smaller one.

It is not exactly clear what they are protesting, but it isn't too hard to guess. The Republican newspaper has been supportive of gay marriage in their editorials, so I guess that's what the guy is objecting to. How that would make them a "homosexual activist newspaper" however isn't very clear. The paper is not trying to advocate homosexuality, they are merely saying that those who are already homosexual should be allowed to get married. They are not the same thing.

As for the woman, it is even less clear where she is coming from. "What is the best public policy?" her sign reads. I don't know, you tell me - you're the one standing out in the traffic island! What policy is she even talking about? I suspect it has to do with gay marriage, but nothing actually tells me that. Why do people go to all the trouble to stand out with a sign and not have the sign clearly say something? Oh I realize she's probably in some kind of solidarity with the guy denouncing the gay pimping Republican , but it's hard to know in precisely what way.

In any case something is wrong here, at least with the guy. Why would anyone go stand in the street waving a banner complaining about the sexuality of people they don't even know? To do that you've got to have some kind of obsession. I mean it's gotta be a real need. What would be my advice to the guy with the banner? Dude, go suck a dick and get it over with. Here's the truth:

Any two people in love are superior to any third person pointing at them with hatred.

I'm bummed out that I can't go see my guitar hero Jorma Kaukonen in Northampton tomorrow night. You should go if you can though, it only costs twenty-five bucks! I was also surprised to see Jorma produce a well-written, heartfelt tribute to the recently deceased author Kurt Vonnegut (above). To read it click here.

Also, check out this video of Jorma's Hot Tuna with special guest Wavy Gravy!


LT Garcia said...

I heart this blog!!

Mary E.Carey said...

A definite keeper!

Anonymous said...

is it just me, or is the guy protesting The Republican dressed Starr-style???