The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Odd Art

Today I was walking across the Amherst Town Common when I noticed these two weird art-beings someone had created and placed beneath a tree.

They appeared to be made of paste and newspaper, probably by being originally wrapped around actual human models. The book the female art-being is reading is a religious one, but what significance that is supposed to have, if any, I'm not sure.

Of course being made of such flimsy material, the art-beings will either have to be removed before the next time it rains or be destroyed. You see a lot of art like that around here, art which suddenly appears, makes a statement and then quickly vanishes.

Here's me in between my two maternal ancestors, my great grandfather on the left and my great-great grandfather on my right. I'm told that the frames to those portraits, both over a hundred years old, are worth money.

But they will never be sold. We Devines treasure our family history, even though it is filled with horse thieves, drunkards and hopeless eccentrics.

In Westfield last week I saw this sign in front of someones house, commanding that we make a choice.

Um, can't I have both?

Visitors to this Amherst doorway find that the answer is always....