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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bye Bye Wendy's

Something has happened to cause almost all of the Wendy's Restaurants in the Pioneer Valley to close! While the reason is unclear at the moment, all of them are owned by some dude in Ohio who has appeared on the deadbeat tax lists for years. In any case, among them is this Wendy's on King Street in Northampton.

The only clue to the cause of its sudden closing is this sign on the door.

Back in the 1970's me and my buddy Mike Stedman, who had recently moved out of Pine Point to Easthampton, used to hitchhike into Northampton to go to Lizottes Smoke Shop, which at the time had the best rolling paper selection in the Valley. Afterwards we used to go to that very Wendy's, which I suspect may have been the first in the region. Beforehand we always slipped behind the power station which is still located next door in order to, ahem, test the papers we'd purchased at Lizotte's.

Our testing would bring on an attack of the munchies, for which the next door Wendy's was a welcome cure. Now that it has suddenly closed, I feel sorry for the kids who were working there for the summer and whom the newspaper said were having a hard time getting their paychecks. Looks like they got the shaft.

Finally, some of you have been complaining that I haven't been producing any new local videos in a while. To start making amends, here's one I made yesterday by just whipping out my camera while taking a shortcut through downtown Amherst.


Jason Burkins said...

As I expected, the quiz has me in the Ron Paul camp. Even though I am a Rudy supporter. Reason? I am a Ron Paul fan (donated to his congressional campaign) and feel he would be a terrific president. But for that very reason, I also know he doesn't have a shot. Of the rest of the choices we currently have, Rudy is the one I trust the most to be a thinking leader who doesn't toe the party line and isn't afraid to do the right thing, rather than the politically popular thing.

Tom, I am really surprised Duncun Hunter was your choice, considering his very, very poor record on pro-liberty issues and personal freedom. But to each his own.

Bill Dusty said...

My result was Romney. My worst match was Gravel - scoring a minus 20.

Bill Sweet said...


Thanks for making the video of THAT alley in Amherst. It will be missed when they do the Judy's renovation....

Tommy said...

I'm not sure I trust the results of quizzes like this, they tend to be gimmicky. Still, it's a starting point for a discussion of the race, so its not worthless.

My views are so ecclectic that I'm not sure any candidate really mirrors them.I'm strong on defense and immigration, so I suspect that's why I got put in the Hunter camp.

Bill, that alleyway is a few doors up from Judy's, so it should survive.

Anonymous said...


S.K. Johnson said...

69% of the country had Hunter as their top choice when they took the test as part of a national poll from

Hunter has a chance if all the people that like him back him. I think he has a very good chance. Especially with Ames wide open. People are saying that Ames won't mean much without Giuliani and Thompson, but it will hurt them and help some second-tier people.