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The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Election Fiasco

Stupidity triumphs.

The City of Springfield's primary election results are in, and the vote totals did nothing to dispel the city's reputation for having the dumbest electorate in the Valley. In a major embarrassment, political has-been Morris Jones, who was accused of accepting a bribe in the Asselin corruption scandal, actually finished in the top nine, making his campaign proof that in Springfield crime pays.

But then maybe the electorate didn't know about the sworn testimony given about Jones' bribe taking, because the only information sources voters had to inform them of that fact was me, myself and I. In an act of stunning irresponsibility by the local media, no one but me brought the accusations against Jones into their campaign coverage. It is ridiculous that after all these years I still remain the only information source the public has to obtain the crucial information they need in order to make informed decisions at the polls.

Here are the tragic results, and my initial reaction.

JOSE TOSADO - 2,490 - Oh no! If this first place finish holds in November, Tosado, an unrepentant Albano stooge, will be a top contender for mayor in 2009.

PATRICK MARKEY - 2,252 - The only real bright spot of the results was the unexpectedly high vote totals for Markey, who some suggest may become Charlie Ryan's hand-picked heir. If these results hold in November, 2009 is shaping up as a Markey vs. Tosado contest.

TIM ROOKE - 2,199 - Another pleasant surprise, since Rooke doesn't usually do this well. At least voters have rewarded the only Councilor to publicly apologize to the city for his past support of Albano.

WILLIAM FOLEY - 2,140 - Richie Neal's cousin's seat appears safe. The sky is also blue and the grass is green.

BRUCE STEBBINS - 1,950 - This is the man who really should have finished first, but this showing is at least high enough to suggest his seat is safe.

BUD WILLIAMS - 1,945 - The easy re-election of this Councilor every two years remains an electoral mystery.

JAMES FERRERA - 1,910 - Can anyone explain to me why they voted for this person?

MO JONES - 1,845 - If this result holds up in November Springfield will be the laughing stock of the Valley - and will deserve to be.

ROSEMARIE MAZZA-MORIARTY - 1,830 - Her ninth place finish means she will be the incumbent every challenger will be gunning for.

KATERI WALSH - 1,762 - The only incumbent to finish out of the top nine, her seat appears to be in danger.

CLODO CONCEPCION - 1,711 - Nipping at Kateri's heels, this was a surprisingly strong showing.

KAREN POWELL - 1,582 - A surprisingly weak showing by someone who was arguably the best challenger on the field. Powell remains within striking distance of winning a seat, but she'll have to campaign twice as hard.

HAMILTON WRAY - 1,350 - About what he did in past races, so although a decent total he gets little momentum out of it.

PETER LAPPIN - 1,340 - Voters were surprisingly cool to this comeback attempt by an old political veteran.

CHARLES RUCKS - 1,228 - Another disappointing total for someone who deserved to do much better.

VERA O'CONNOR - 1,214 - Her chances of a November victory are now very low.

GLORIA DEFILLIPO - 1,205 - The conventional wisdom was that she would do much better. This showing probably puts her out of the running.

JOHN LYSAK - 902 - At 18th Lysak survives to fight on, but his victory chances now appear bleak.

LORENZO GAINES - 802 - A poor campaign kept him below the political radar and now out of the race, but I predict we'll hear from him again.

ROBERT UNDERWOOD - 598 - His campaigns are entertaining, but not credible. Yet I predict this is not his last race.

It is important to remember that the turnout in November will be much higher than it was today, and no one can predict with certainty what those new voters will do. Tomorrow I will no doubt have more reflections to make on the results. But in the meantime today was not at all a good day, as Springfield voters have once again embarrassed themselves before the rest of the Valley for which our local media must hang their head in shame.


Bill Dusty said...

Tommy! - I swear I did not swipe the theme to your post on the elections! I, too, listed the candidates, their vote totals, and commentary. Imagine my raised eyebrows when I surfed to your site and saw that I had replicated your post (excepting the comments).

Sorry, man!

Tommy said...

I don't think you can really "copy" such a generic form. It's just a natural way to arrange it.