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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Harvest Festival

The farm folk come to town.

Today was the last weekend for Amherst's Farmer's Market, so the town decided to use the occasion to hold a full-blown Harvest Festival beneath dozens of tents on the town common. It was a great mixture of fresh produce and crafts, with something for everyone. For example, who could resist a jug of native maple syrup made from the trees of nearby Worthington? Not me.

Fresh produce of every kind from nearly all the local farms was on bountiful display. Notice that these non-orange carrots are called "purple haze."

Besides carrots and the title of a famous Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze was the name of a tablet form of LSD. Representing our psychedelic heritage at the festival was a tent called Wild Child.

Inside you could buy trippy clothes, some of them made in child size for the discerning acidhead parent.

Actually that style has become so mainstreamed it hardly has any drug connotations anymore. But once upon a time it would never have been associated with babies, since government propaganda, later proven false, once linked the use of LSD with birth defects. Grace Slick, when she bore her child by Paul Kantner after a pregnancy during which she freely admitted taking LSD, put a naked picture of the kid on the cover of her next album to prove that it was born healthy.

Of course that's not to suggest you should take LSD, or any recreational drug during pregnancy. It's simply to show how the government lies to you, but you didn't need Grace Slick to tell you that, did you?

Speaking of nudity, these Amherst High School students came to the festival naked but for these signs in order to collect money for their soccer team.

Lots of kids had their faces painted.

There were also farm animals for the kids to pet.

Here's a video I made of some drummers that were performing at the festival.

Finally, here is a poster for a sure to be controversial lecture to be given at UMass this Wednesday. The general public is invited.

Here's what happened last year when Professor Mike Adams, a feminist critic, appeared at UMass.

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