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The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Non-Adventure

Exploring the rail trail extension.

Coming from the direction of Amherst towards Northampton, the Norwottock Rail Trail comes to a glorious end as you cross the mighty Connecticut River by means of the former rail road trestle (above). However, over the summer they've been working on an extension of the trail, one that requires you to cross busy Damon Road.

All summer there were no trespassing and construction signs barring the entrance, but recently I noticed they were gone and a ribbon of brand new black top beckoned. I decided to check it out. Of course one must never embark upon unknown territory unprepared, so first I stopped at the rail trail oasis to fill a Coke bottle with some cold, sparkling water.

In case I got hungry I also brought along some healthful peasant bread from Trader Joe's. Guaranteed to keep ya regular!

Right off you have to pass beneath a I-91 overpass, which is covered with graffiti. Of course with this being the north-Valley, even the graffiti is artistic.

It sure is peaceful walking along the brand new black top beneath a majestic canopy of trees.

Inevitably, along with all that new black top comes some new stockade fences from the abutting property owners. One person's nature trail is another person's invasion of privacy.

Unfortunately, just a little further on and you hit Woodmont Street. The trail extension is over! While it's a nice little stroll while it lasts, it simply doesn't last very long! It ends by some rail road tracks, so I took this picture.

Whenever I'm around railroad tracks I'm reminded of the time when I was a boy in old Pine Point and me and some friends of mine were fooling around on the tracks that run between Five Mile Pond and Lake Lorraine. Suddenly we came upon the skeleton of a dog, with one half of it lying on one side of the rail and one half on the other. It wasn't hard to figure out what happened to that poor creature.

Anyway, my adventure on the rail trail extension turned out to be not so adventurous. I didn't mind though. I just headed towards downtown Northampton to see what kind of action was going down at the Haymarket Cafe, strolling along munching on peasant bread and contemplating an adventure of a different sort.

I don't know how funny this will seem to you folks outside Massachusetts, but here's Bo Burnham spoofing a local ad.

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