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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, September 22, 2007

One Web Day

How the web is reflecting and changing our Valley and our world.

Today I'm all about video, which is only right because today is One Web Day, the international informal holiday when we are all invited to pause and reflect on the most important technological development in human history - the Internet. We are all living through an era of mind-blowing changes and the Internet is at the heart of all of it. Here is a video to familiarize yourself with the concepts behind One Web Day.

But for all it's transformative power, the Internet has in some ways failed to reach its full potential, largely due to large gaps in who has access to this powerful technology. For example, the largest voting group in the country is those over 55. However, that is also the group least likely to be online. So I can write all I want about sleazy local hacks like Mo Jones, but on election day thousands of old ladies who never used a computer in their lives, let alone read anything I or anyone else wrote online, are going to the polls to put people like Mo Jones in office. But that is changing, too slowly perhaps, but it is.

The Internet can also give us insight into aspects of society we wouldn't see otherwise. For example look at the gun waving kids in this video straight outta Springfield.

A reoccurring problem in Springfield is the frequent refusal of witnesses to co-operate with the police in solving crimes. The Internet gives some sobering insight into that mindset from this video made by the same Springfield videographers. This message is being fed into the mind of every kid in Springfield with a computer.

But for every bad influence the Internet has, there are many more good ones. When I first began helping to promote the career of Jay Brannan by putting his songs on this website, he was a suicidal alcoholic. Although greatly talented, the music industry rejected him because he wrote and sang about homosexual relationships. Supposedly there is no market for that, because straight people supposedly go "Yuck" when a love song is not about heterosexual romance. So a bunch of us all across cyberspace tried to bypass the music industry by using the Internet to promote Jay's music directly, website to website. He's just now starting to get a little success, and I couldn't be happier for him. As this moving video shows, this is what the Internet is really all about, changing lives for the better.


P. Mastrangelo said...

Hey, he was in the movie The Shortbus! That's great that you helped promote his music. I havent't heard it, but I did love that movie!

Tommy said...

Jay was great in that movie, but because of the nudity and sexuality it was dismissed as pornography inspite of the great writing and acting. Despite his talent, Jay can't seem to break out of this gay ghetto.

Anonymous said...

He really is talented. I think being on tv will open doors for him. Internet can only get you so far. Perhaps even considering writing some music that is more versatile that everyone can relate to, not just gay people?

He is also very humble, which is very refreshing. Not to mention very cute. Oh wait, I just did mention it. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Tom- I read your recent article about crimes not being reported for fear of citizens becoming "snitches" I find the attitude to be so true in Springfield.

I don't live there but I do work there and drive through some pretty run-down neighborhoods on the way in. The citizens of Springfield need to take action and complain about criminal activity in their neighborhoods. Quality of life needs to be emphasized by the city. Building Codes, Criminal Law and city ordinances ought to be enforced rigorously.

Enforcing the ordinances is a good start. Encourage citizens to report noise and building code violations. Such problems create a lawless environment where criminal activity thrives. If someone throws a cup out their car window, fine them. If their radio is too loud, fine them. If their grass is overgrown, their car is unregistered or their porch is falling down, FINE THEM.

This is exactly how Rudy Giuliani took back New York City from the criminals and the citizens of Springfield can do Just the same.

-Sam Moriarty

Mary E.Carey said...

That last video is so sweet. This is a really good post about the Web. It's been good to me; I met my boyfriend at I'd be interested in reading a description of how the Web has changed your life and it's totally changed how I work -- from home a lot now for one thing!