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The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rave Review

Plus a few pics and videos.

Someone alerted me to this student report on a lecture I gave to a freshman English class at UMass.

Devine’s Visit

Tommy Devine came to my English class on Wednesday. He wanted to teach us a couple of things about blogging. We found out he was a student at Umass in the 1970’s, an English major. He seems nice, and I got to learn a lot.

So, lets talk about blogging. We’ll start with the fact that it’s a form of advertisement that is free and can reach anyone in the world. It’s the most powerful media because it includes not only text, but you can hear it and see videos, etc. People will always need news and blogs can provide it.

“MAKE MONEY”, that is what Devine asked of us. He said if we have talent, we should get paid for it. That in the media, people are learning new ways to make money. The advertisement in blogs is very convenient, since it only goes to those that are interested. Tommy believes that soon everything will be online.

We all have something to offer. He told us that we could write about what we do on a normal basis, what turns us on, what band we are interested in, etc. But, to keep it mainstream. Take pictures and post them. He told us to “BE INDEPENDENT of any group or media”.

So how would I grade that review of my lecture? Well, it's not very long, but it covers all my major points, so I would give that report a B.

It's starting to look like Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democrat Party nominee for president, but in the UMass Campus Center today there were some activists still trying to draft former Vice-President Al Gore into the race by putting his name on the Massachusetts primary ballot.

Although I have no intention of voting for Al Gore, I signed their petition to get him in the primary simply on the principle that I believe that everyone should have the chance to be on the ballot.

At the UMass Crafts Center, the immortal James Dean greets the arriving artists.

I chuckled when I saw this sign on the basketball court fence at the UMass Southwest residential area.

Southwest has been called many things, but a beach? That's a new one.

There was a reggae festival on the Amherst town common this weekend. I wandered by just as it was ending and managed to film this snippet:

The Amherst avant-garde rock n' roll combo ZEBU! gave a free concert at Northampton's Pulaski Park the other day. Here's a sampling:

A young boy asks his Dad,
"What is the difference between confident and confidential?"
Dad says:
"You are my son. I'm confident about that.
Your friend over there is also my son. That's confidential!".

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