The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Better living through chemistry.

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!

The weather is gorgeous here in the Valley. I haven't got time to really blog today but I wanted to stop in for a few minutes to say Hi.


Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to blog about the adventure Jeff Ziff and I had last week. Here's a picture as a preview:

I just got finished reading my email for today. Like every day, I won several lotteries that I didn't enter, and received generous offers from rich Nigerians who want my bank number solely to deposit a huge sum of money in my account. Also, several emailers claim to have technology for sale to make my dick bigger while others are offering me Viagra to get it hard.

The lotteries and rich Nigerians can keep their money. Since I'm bigger than most guys and never took Viagra except as a party drug, I wish those peddlers would lose my address.

Do you wonder, precious reader, what sort of party you take Viagra for?

Well, for example Andy and I took a fake vacation on Route Nine earlier this year. We each took the designer drug Ecstasy and a hit of Viagra. The combination of Ecstasy and Viagra creates an effect called "Sextasy."

Let me report that the combination is aptly named.

Is that more than you need to know? I told a friend recently that there are aspects of my life I don't write about in this blog. He replied, "What, you don't tell us how often you change your hat?"

Here's some rare footage of Grace Slick around 1975.

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