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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

And good riddance!

The snow that fell last night really brought out the beauty in the Northampton Christmas tree.

Nearby an anti-war group was giving away free fruits and vegetables.

The icy winds did not prevent this bronze woman in Amherst from sitting nude on the lawn.

At UMass the storm transformed the campus into a white wonderland. Who are these people that ride bikes during snowstorms?

This morning Connie sent the following report about my brother John:

Today started out like a bluebird morning -- so peaceful, having our tea and watching the sun come up. Then John decided a hot shower sounded good. The next thing I heard was a melon thumping the floor. In his weakened state, the heat made him pass out and he hit his head on something as he went down. He ended up with a little goose egg and a small laceration above his eye.

At the 9:30 a.m. checkup, we found his white counts at 100, mouth sores just taking off, low on fluids, and low on potassium, so he received two bags of good stuff and a bottle of mouth medicine to numb the pain. We were home by noon and he has been watching TV most of the afternoon. He doesn't want to sleep all the time. He won't take the medicine that makes him kind of out of here, so I told him, "GIVE IT TO ME! I'LL TAKE IT!"

I promised you a picture of the hepa mask, so it is attached. Notice I found football motif covers for the filters? He just wasn't too keen on the hot pink that is standard gear. Nothing but the best for my man!

In reality, all of the things that are happening are expected (well, maybe not the melon thumping). Today is day +3, and on day +9 things will start to turn around. We must go through this valley to stand upon the mountain of God. The Lord has a plan for us and we will someday know how this trial supported it. Thanks again for all of your prayers -- and all of the prayers of your churches, friends, and blogs.

Love you all,
C & J

So 2007 is coming to an end and 2008 is only hours away. This is the first New Year since 1931 that my father has not been alive. Here is a picture of my Dad and I taken last January.

Because it ended in the traditionally lucky number of seven, I thought this would be a fortunate year. Boy was I wrong! At the dawn of 2007 I was unaware that before another new year began my father would get lung cancer and die. Little did I guess that my drug crazed stupidity would cause me to end the year as a poverty stricken welfare recipient. While every year is filled with surprises, some surprises are more welcome than others!

But despite the tense moments and close calls of 2007 I'm still standing, and that is what really matters. Every year is a good year that ends leaving you still alive. Just the same, I hope 2008 is a whole lot better than its predecessor!

Happy New Year Everybody!


Bill Dusty said...

Happy New Year, Tommy!

tony said...

Best Wishes for 2008 Tommy.

sodafixer said...

I wish you the best Tom,

Mary E.Carey said...

Happy New Year from me too.

Tommy said...

Thanks everybody, same to you!

Anonymous said...

May you be endowed with many blessings in 2008 and most of all keep on blogging!

Cheers with a bottle of pepsi!!!!


LarryK4 said...

Hey Tommy,

For Americans (especially gamblers) the #7 is lucky; but in China it's the #8. That is why the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing will commence on 8/8/08 at exactly 8:00 am

May the luck of the Chinese (and Irish) be with you this year!