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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, January 7, 2008

Prayers Answered!

The stem cells are alive!

Brother John

Hey everybody! Here's some fantastic news from my sister-in-law Connie:

We received a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers about a week ago and they have lasted so long. Still I was surprised this morning to see a brand new huge pink lily that just blossomed. I am suspicious. "God, are you giving me a message?" Very soon after that, John called to triumphantly shout, "I have engrafted! My white count was 200! Whoopee!" So the stem cells are blossoming and will most likely take off and double every day now. Success! As soon as the white cells start to work, they will help out with the mouth sores, shingles, and fatigue. As soon as he can get back to eating and drinking adequately, he can go back to the apartment.

One hesitates to be too confident when dealing with such a little understood disease and with stem cell technology that is on the frontiers of medical science, but the fact that the stem cells are growing means that the transplant was almost certainly a success! The long nightmare is finally ending - my brother is going to live!

Since the day that I first discovered my brother by accident on Google there has followed an almost supernatural series of events that defy all normal concepts of probability. Each of you who have followed this incredible saga on any level have been witnesses to what is virtually a miracle. As hard as it has been at times to unearth long buried family secrets, to integrate my brother into his biological family and to watch his life threatening medical struggle, it has also been very mind-expanding and spiritually enriching. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and words of support.

Here is a picture I found today on the internet of a stem cell.

Gee, I hadn't realized how much they resemble marijuana buds!

This morning I had to go see one of my drug rehab councilors. My appointment was in the same building in Northampton that houses the Iron Horse Music Hall.

The lobby has one of the largest arrays of free papers in Northampton. It's too bad that The Reminder is unavailable in Hamp.

When I got off the elevator, I took this picture out the window of the city below.

Here's the view from the same window but at a different angle.

My councilor tells me, "Let go and let God and everything will turn out okay."

Did you read the latest column by George Will? If not then you should by clicking here.


Mary E.Carey said...

Great news about your brother.

sodafixer said...

Mazel Tov!

KIM said...

Everyday I went to my mailbox to check your blogg for an update on John, I know Saturday was day #9 and I checked and checked and found nothing. Went out Sat. night and saw Bev and she told me not to forget the 3 hour time difference, to check when I get home. Sure enough when I went home it was posted.

First thing everyday I would check how John was doing and everyday send up a prayer, not only for John and Connie but for you also so that you stay on track. You are doing a great job, keep it up.

You all have a lot of people praying for you (people that never even heard of you) and this news this morning really made my day.

Send my best to John and Connie and I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.