The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Everybody's on the road.

Somehow I never noticed before that the wall in the downstairs bathroom of Northampton's Haymarket Cafe is an exhortation to do one's electoral duty.

Can you believe the results out of Iowa? If the Rev. Huckabee becomes president these toys from the window of a Hamp novelty store may become mandatory for all children.

It seems like all my friends are traveling these days. Ben Duffy has sent me some great stuff from Canada which I will show you tomorrow, but others have sent travel pics as well. My former City Limits editor Jordan Williams and his faithful companion Micheline were recently at the Grand Canyon.

Take a look at this gorgeous Arizona sky!

Traveling even farther afield is former Springfield City Councilor Mitch Ogulewicz and his wife Cindy, who were recently in France. Here they are at the Louvre.

Of course they had to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Mitch, a proud veteran, visited the United States Cemetery at Normandy, where over 10,000 American servicemen are buried.

Speaking of veterans, legendary Pine Point activist Millie Dunbar was recently praised by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. In the middle is State Senator Gale Candaras.


dominique said...

Somehow I think the therapeutic value of a nice rousing fuck is very much worth it. I'm pleased to see you've achieved this at long last!

LarryK4 said...

That's one way of staying in shape.

Damn...hard for my Health Club to compete with that!

Anonymous said...


You are a huge threat to Satan right now, because you have publicly witnessed that God stood with you and made it possible for you to lift yourself out of the pit of addiction. Satan slinks about like a wolf. His main goal is to separate you from God. If you had fallen back into the pit, he would have been delighted and the celebration would have hit the press with gusto. It wasn't about love and it wasn't about caring for you. It was just a big temptation, a quick fix, and a fleeting "Mike".

You are an extremely intelligent man and I know you saw the wolf in lamb's clothing. But God gives strength to the tired and power to the weak. Trust in the Lord, but expect the assaults. I'm praying for you.