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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, February 1, 2008

Evolution Cafe

Pretty cool place.

I finished my psych evaluations in Florence on Wednesday. Monday I start a real intensive program that's supposed to help me with impulse control and to learn techniques to prevent a relapse. I'm willing to try anything, so long as they don't wheel me into the shock therapy room!

After the tests I went over to the Evolution Cafe, the Florence successor to the late and lamented downtown Northampton's Fire and Water. In it's day Fire and Water was the unofficial headquarters of Hamp bohemia, but today No Trespassing signs are found where free spirits once roamed.

The owner of Fire and Water, Star Drooker, has reopened a new place in suburban Florence called The Evolution Cafe. I decided to stop in and check it out.

It's pretty nice, all mellow and funky like you would expect.

Many tasty patries, all made right on the premises, were for sale.

Artwork by Star Drooker was on the walls and for sale. This one is a montage made with polaroid photographs of a woman reclining topless on a couch. (click photo to enlarge)

I strongly suggest that you stop by The Evolution Cafe yourself, for a sampling of the ultra-cool.

My psych tests were over at noon, and on my way home I passed by Northampton High School, where the students were all hanging around outside at lunch.

It was discouraging to see how many of them were smoking cigarettes.

This morning cutting behind the Academy of Music on my way to the bus stop I spotted this van for the local Shakespeare shows.

To find out more click here.

Hey everybody, happy news! Massachusetts comedy sensation Bo Burnham (above) is starting a gig in Boston at the prestigious Comedy Connection in Boston! Ironically, at 17 Bo is not old enough to attend his own shows were he an audience member! He's also been hired to do skits for the Comedy Station on cable TV, which will finally give him national exposure. Over the past year I've been doing my little bit to promote Bo and I'm thrilled to see him finally beginning to get the success he so richly deserves! To read all about his big break as reported in his local paper click here.

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