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The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fright Night Reunion

Hey everybody, I have zero time today for blogging. However, I do have a few pics someone sent me from a reunion of some of the cast members of one of my favorite films, Fright Night.

Yes, I mean Fright Night the movie, not the politics.

Here are three of the main stars from a recent horror convention.

Stephen Geoffreys, Chris Saradon and Amanda Bearse.

Wow, Chris Saradan is almost unrecognizable! My favorite actor in the film is Stephen Geoffreys, who went on to have a hot career in gay porn, such as the film below.

The movie was promoted as follows:

Riffing on old-fashioned, playful T&A comedies of the past, HUNK HOTEL turns the table and gives the guys their long-overdue turn. Five incredibly hot young men land the summer job of their dreams, at a beautiful resort populated by even more hot guys. The only drawback in their plans for a summer of parties and sun is their evil boss (Stephen Geoffreys, FRIGHT NIGHT, 976 EVIL), whose wrath they are constantly incurring or evading. So begins a hilarious chain of events that often results, of course, in nudity.

Quite a fall Stephen, but we still love you.

Here's a video excerpt from Fright Night featuring Geoffreys. Opposite him is the legendary Roddy McDowell, appearing in one of his last roles.

At a recent Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Edwards Church in Northampton I came upon this paper-mache camel that the church members no doubt use in their Christmas celebrations.

However, camels also have a special role in AA culture. Why?

Because they hardly need a drink.


Bill Weye said...

I know very little of AA, but I thought you were going to write that camels are important because it's tough to get over the hump, OR because everybody at AA smokes unfiltered Camels!

Tommy said...

Gee Bill, I wish I'd thought of those lines.