The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Or deep in December?

Well it snowed all night, and it hasn't stopped even now, as you can see through the window where I'm working on this post.

On my way to the bus this morning I passed the location on the former State Mental Hospital grounds (the last remnant of which can be seen hovering on the right like something from a horror movie) where they are constructing a complex of condos. In the paper it said they will sell for $500,000 apiece.

I'll get two, just to be sure I have enough room.

My neighbor's Old Glory remains above the snow, but just barely.

Another neighbor, Mr. Horse, is unfazed by the weather, using it as an excuse to preview his Saint Patrick's finery.

Virtually no sidewalks were shoveled.

I suppose more would have done so if they'd had fancy plows like this.

The way the snow has decorated this statue of a Civil War era sailor makes him look, ahem, stereotypically gay.

Beloved Northampton, today thou art a snowbound city....

....But spring is rushing to free thee!

The other day I came across this perfect example of a Valley car bumper.

You have your basic Pink Floyd sticker, the only acceptable substitute being The Grateful Dead or, if truly a fanatical fan, Dave Mathews or Phish. Next an Obama sticker, but a Kucinich or Nader is also permited. Then there are two (count 'em) two Red Sox stickers, with no substitutes allowed. Finally you have the always popular Patriots sticker, with replacements allowed only for the Celtics, the Bruins or anything UMass.