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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, March 8, 2008

School Tour

Chicopee Comp.

This morning I sat on my front porch looking down my front walk waiting for someone to come pick me up.

I was waiting for Becky Fennessy, one of the Vice Principals of Chicopee Comprehensive High School, to come and give me a tour of the new building. I did my practice teaching for my Massachusetts state teaching certificate many years ago at the old Chicopee Comp, which is where I first met Becky. The old building is still standing, although abandoned and awaiting demolition.

For photos from the entire construction process click here.

The new school was built right next to the old one. Not everything from the old school has yet found its new place, like this old portrait of the first principal of Chicopee Comp, Stanley Ziemba.

I was greatly impressed by the new school. This stretch of hallway is called Main Street, on account of how it connects the entire school.

A class in computer repair had computers with clear sides to reveal their inner workings.

The science labs were very impressive. People have said I have a big heart, but this was the first chance I had to show it.

Here is where the Gay/Straight Student Alliance meets.

If we had tried to start such a club when I was in High School, someone would've called the vice squad!

This is the fantastic new swimming pool.

We didn't have a swimming pool at the noble High School of Commerce which I attended in Springfield. It's great to see the kids of today having stuff that we never dreamed of.

The school has all of the most modern exercise techology.

When I was in school the only excercising equipment we had was a piece of technology called "a ball."

There is also an onsite nursery, which is delightfully colorful.

The cutest thing in the nursery is this tiny toilet, with paper holders just above the wall protectors.

The new Chicopee Comp is indeed a place where all can feel good about their school.

This is a video about the school's new guest speaker room. It has very loud accoustics, as you can hear.

Here is the music room, where I fool a little with the instruments.

Later this afternoon, I was in downtown Amherst and saw that McMurphy's Tavern was having it's annual Blarney Blowout!

This gentleman arrived for the Blarney Blowout wearing his special drinking hat.