The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

She's Back!

Hillary survives!

My man Senator John McCain clinched the Republican nomination for President last night, but that wasn't the big news coming out of yesterday's round of primaries. The most important story was the unexpected survival of Democrat Hillary Clinton, whom many had predicted would be driven out of the race yesterday. Instead she won three out of the four states voting - Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island - losing only in Vermont, which is just north of here and is pretty much like Western Mass if it were turned into a state.

I never thought I would prefer Hillary for president over anyone, but this Barack Obama is starting to scare me. That hardcore liberals are supporting him is no surprise, he's one of the most leftist candidates to run for office in a long time. Look at his voting record and he's essentially Teddy Kennedy running in blackface. When the real Ted Kennedy backed Obama, he lost in Massachusetts, which goes to show what people think of Teddy's judgment in his home state.

The truth is I don't think half the people who are backing Obama have any idea of where he stands on the issues. In fact, without being a political junkie it would be very difficult for anyone to tell where Obama stands by listening to him. His stump speech is nearly devoid of specifics. Somehow that doesn't seem to matter, and there's something a little scary about that.

But in the parlance of political consultants, Obama is "peaking too early." The media always follows the same cycle - build 'em up and then tear 'em down - and at this rate the tear 'em down phase for Obama is scheduled for the tail end of the campaign. Will that be enough to put Hillary over the top? It will be fascinating to see.

Meanwhile, John McCain is resting up and saving his money for the actual presidential campaign, while the Democrats are busy still beating each other up and spending all their money on the nomination fight. Whoever wins, Hillary or Obama, will emerge bloodied and broke, while McCain steps onto the battlefield rested, rich and ready to win. Just six months ago the Democrats were acting like they had this election in the bag, but now one must say that the odds slightly favor the GOP.

In other words, the Democrats are blowing it again, as usual.

After all that snow we got, now comes torrential rains that are transforming everything into a big soggy mess. My street this morning was partially flooded.

Some workers were putting down hay in order to prevent some of the melting snow from washing into the road.

However, lots of water seemed to be flowing around the bales of hay.

I foolishly attempted to take the woodland path downtown to the bus but found it swamped.

Yet I managed to make it safely to the bus stop, despite having to navigate my way across a field of wet ice.

If it wasn't so damn pretty in these parts, who would put up with the weather?

Finally, here is a video of my Uncle John from Texas and my sister Donna from Belchertown in the Coolidge Dining Room of the Hotel Northampton.


Tim said...

Hey Tom,

I've heard that right now, both of the democratic candidates won't have enough delegates for the nomination, and that it'll come down to the "SUPER DELEGATES." Do you think the lame stream media is going to be screeching about "disenfranchised voters" now? Obama is melting down and his wife, a child of priveledge, is an ungrateful boob, who's probably going to help him blow it, with her stupid comments. "This" is what a graduate of Princeton sound like? Know whats great though? If he does win, my liberal brother in law, who's favoring him, makes about 750K. He's going to be paying 52% federal income tax under this socialist. Don't get me wrong, I like my brother in law, but you make your bed, you can lie in it.

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