The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Pics

Too sick to write.

Wow, I've come down with a terrible cold! I decided not to post today and just stay in bed, but I've been in bed so long I can't sleep. Might as well get up for a while and put up these old photos that have been accumulating in my camera. Then maybe if I go back to bed I can sleep.

Larry Kelley recently put up a picture of a sticker-strewn car belonging to Amherst Selectman Gerry Weiss. I see a lot of cars like that around, always belonging to people of the liberal persuasion.

In Northampton however, I came upon this car festooned with right-wing stickers! (click photo to enlarge)

Somebody got all twirly with a spraycan on this rock in Hamp.

Rain and warm (or at least warmer) weather has caused a lot of the snow to melt. However, in parking lots the snow has piled up too high to melt away. This pile in a Northampton lot on King Street will take a long time.

In Amherst they drive funny cars, like this one I came upon in the UMass parking lot.

PHENOM stands for Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts. Here is its website.

Munson Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Now it is covered in scaffolding while it is restored in order to ensure it will be able to serve future generations of students.

A tree in front of Munson Hall has a stone in front of it showing it was planted in 1908.

The tree is huge, as you would expect of a tree 100 years old. It's weird to realize that everyone who was present when that tree was planted is now in their grave.


Mary E.Carey said...

Nothing shabby about this post! Get well soon.

tony said...

Hope Your On The Mend Today?