The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Off

Schlepping round downtown.

Today was an unusually free day - no psych sessions, no impulse control therapy, no working at the Survival Center. I left the house pure of heart with a sunshine daydream for a day of hangin' out on the streets of Northampton.

My first encounter was with a little birdy that never lies who whispered in my ear that high ranking people are being paraded before a Grand Jury asking them pointed questions about Springfield's school construction projects built during the Albano years. As the FBI likes to say - Stay tuned.

Passing Northampton's First Church, I saw that it is all but invisible behind the wall of scaffolding erected to replace its slate roof.

What a play on opposites in the line-up of coming attractions at the Calvin Theater.

I had lunch today with the award-winning blogger Bill Dusty.

We ate at Packard's. Here's a view of the parking lot from the window on the third floor.

Afterwards we went to my beloved Norwottock Trail. It was my first time visiting it this year. On the trestle crossing the mighty Connecticut River, I styled my new Conz.

Someone put a sticker of a smiling demon's head on this sign suggesting that this is a good area to challenge kids to a race.

To all the beautiful young people I saw on my travels today, this song's for you.

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