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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My House

A glimpse.

Last night there was a beautiful full moon over Northampton.

Also last night there was a little segment on the news about the half-way house where I live. Alas, the station it was on, WGGB-TV40 doesn't put its news videos online, so if you missed it forget it. However, here are a few pics I took this morning.

As you can see from this sticker, we are big fans of Valley Free Radio and saving junkies.

This mysterious painting hanging in the house intrigues me. It is signed by someone named Drummar and dated 1987. I'm convinced it is a picture of the old Westfield Post Office, which is the current site of The Tavern Restaurant where my sister works. Can any of you Westfieldites confirm that?

This poster from the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine was left by the person who had my bed before me.

After relapsing, one cold winter night he passed out stoned behind a liquor store. The next morning they found him frozen like a popsicle. It helps to keep me sober to remember that I'm sleeping in a dead man's bed.

In downtown Northampton they had a big Obama for President rally today. My pal Motown Bernie was right in the middle of the action.


Kim said...

Hi Tommy,

That sure does look like the Tavern to me. Keep up the good work.

Kim from Westfield

Arizonian said...

Hey Tom. You're looking well. Healthy and you have a better outlook on life. You Photography is great as always. Hope all is going good for you.

After reading about you sleeping in a "Dead Mans Bed" I have to tell you something that by todays standards would seem very disturbing. When my Grandfather worked for Byrons (26 years) while I was in High School, guess where my clothes came from? That's right, the clothes that people died in and the Familys didn't want back. I had a pair of pants that my Mother had sown a tear in because the guy was killed in a Motorcycle accident.

Kids today in their "Designer Jeans" have no idea how lucky they are. An SUV in every Family, many have Pools, Boats, a TV in every room and whatever else they "Want", not need! I am happy for them that they have all the things they want. I'm not bitter that I didn't. Gave me something to look forward to and hopefully it made me a me Humbler nicer person. Who knows? Just wanted you to know that sleeping in the bed of a deceased person isn't that bad. How many Motel rooms across the Country I have slept in wishing the walls could talk about the good things, glad thay can't because there are Murders and other Violent acts comitted there ever day. If it reminds you to do the right thing for yourself and I know you have the Power to succeed in your life now that you have faced your Demons.

jim666 said...

It's too bad you got so strung out and had to quit forever Tommy. I been gettin stoned for 44 years and still enjoy just sitting around half catatonic staring into space