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The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Touch of Spring

Nice day.

As the sun set on Northampton today at dusk, for the first time this year it felt more like the onset of a night in early spring rather than late winter.

Earlier today I was in downtown Amherst. Someone should tell these residents that Christmas is a long time gone.

This place is serving as the headquarters for the Ed O'Reilly for Senate campaign. He is a Democrat challenging fellow Democrat incumbent John Kerry. He feels that Kerry is not liberal enough. What, the nomination of the Socialist Party was already taken?

While O'Reilly can't win, the fact that Kerry has to fight him off will weaken him in November. Meanwhile, one of the two Republicans fighting for the privilege of retiring John Kerry will be appearing in Springfield in a few days. For details click here.

Possibly the most popular place to eat in downtown Amherst is Antonio's Pizza.

It is also the site of a Masslive webcam that broadcasts to the world everyone who walks by.

If you should walk by Antonio's and take note of what time it is, when you get to a computer you can go to the webcam and download the image recorded when you were there. For example, here is me this afternoon just standing there in my bright red Conz sneakers.

Could only stay for a couple minutes though before I had to keep on truckin'.

Check out for yourself what's happening in front of Antonio's right this second by clicking here.

A little flower bloomed in front of my house today.

Halleluiah, spring has sprung!

My friend Becky sent me this photo she took of a red-tailed hawk that appeared at her house in Northampton.

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