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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, May 19, 2008

Come Again

A special guest.

Everyday at the Amherst Survival Center we get people for lunch from every walk of life. Today we had a very special guest to serve, State Senator Stan Rosenberg!

He was there to have lunch and to check out what the taxpayers are getting for their money. As he inspected our kitchen he seemed very impressed.

The Senator was very nice to the staff and seemed genuinely interested in the operation of the Center.

When it came time for the guests to be served their meal, the Senator joined them but insisted on being served last. His humble manner I think impressed everyone. I was one of the workers serving him.

Usually I'm more inclined to bash politicians than feed them, but I welcome every opportunity God gives me to learn humility. It was good to have a Senator in the house for lunch, and so we say to him what we do to everyone who eats at the Center:

"Come again."

In the Amherst Big Y this morning while waiting at the checkout counter I noticed that presidential hopeful Barack Obama is starting to make the tabloids. I laughed to see this front page headline: Obama Betrays Oprah - His Shocking Snub.

That's odd, I didn't read about that anywhere else! How did the New York Times miss that story? Accompanying the article was this photo meant to suggest how Oprah is responding to being snubbed.

The online version of the tabloid had this to say:

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Barack Obama has betrayed Oprah Winfrey, his No. 1 celebrity supporter, telling her he no longer needs her backing in his bid to win the White House, reveal sources. Only GLOBE has the inside story of the rift between the talk show queen bee and the presidential wannabe. Sources tell us the shocking reason Obama's people have told Oprah to back off from the campaign.

To find out the shocking reason, you have to subscribe. Oh well, I'll just wait for the mainstream media to catch up with this story so that I can be shocked for free. In the meantime, Obama shouldn't be too upset that the supermarket tabloids are starting to make up stuff about him. Those papers are sometimes an odd but reliable bellweather of the national mood. For example, one of the few harbingers that the Republicans were going to take over Congress in the 1990's was when the tabloids started writing about Newt Gingrich.

A fan sends along this photo of Fright Night's Stephen Geoffreys signing autographs last month. I'm told he's been refusing to answer fans questions about his porn career. That's odd, because his porn films were really hot! However, I also hear that his porn career may have had more to do with a serious drug habit than gay pride.

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Mary E.Carey said...

That video is really sad and powerful now that Heath Ledger is gone.