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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dumb All Over

And even a little ugly on the side.

Yesterday Hampshire Gazette/Amherst Bulletin writer Mary Carey jogged by me in downtown Amherst, but paused long enough to snap a pic.

Today was graduation day at Amherst College.

In the parking lot there were occasional reminders of the role Amherst College has always played as a prime school of choice for the children of America's power-elites.

Downtown businesses were catering to their customers one last time before they disappear for the summer.

They needn't worry, a new crop of suckers, um, I mean customers will be arriving in the fall. Until then, it is time for us townsfolk to kick back and enjoy the sunshine!

I must admit I would enjoy my days more if I didn't get so much hate mail. I don't mean the perfectly reasonable people who disagree with me or think my blog sucks or whatever, but the people who think they need to write to me about my sexual orientation to tell me that Jesus hates me and that I will burn in hell.

I once had neighbors who were religious fundamentalists, and they were so religiously strict with their kids that I had to believe that the children would one day rebel. Sure enough the eldest daughter, inspite of (or perhaps because of) having had the so-called virtues of chastity drilled into her head by her parents, suddenly ran away from home. She left a note saying that despite being only 16. she was leaving home for good and intended to work as a prostitute. When the police picked her up three days later for loitering at the Peter Pan bus station in Springfield, she refused to reveal whether she had achieved her career goals, but it was hard to assume she had not.

Another example is a friend of mine who once coaxed a born again Christian out of the closet and taught him the gay way. By the time he was done his young lover was working as a dancer at a strip club in Hartford. My friend told me he got a special thrill out of transforming a religious fundamentalist into a dancing cock-crazed slut.

I don't approve of what my neighbor's daughter did in becoming a prostitute or my friend turning his religious lover into a go-go boy. Yet I understand why they did it. Don't these people who are always pushing religion realize that their efforts have the opposite effect of what they desire? Instead of drawing people to religion, their harsh condemnations make you want to rebel against religion completely. And to condemn people on sexual grounds, where the sex is consensual and hurts no one, is just plain stupid.

Any two people in love are morally superior to any third person pointing at them with hatred.


Anonymous said...

I find your blog interesting, very informative and insightful as well as extremely honest. To an older reader such as myself, sometimes the very frank comments about sexuality can be a bit shocking. But I read your column every morning.

I have always believed that homosexuality is pretty much determined at birth, and is not a chosen lifestyle, but in your post today, it made me wonder if a straight person can be "converted" to become gay. Did that religious young man have homosexual tendencies?

As an aside, you must be in great physical shape, with all the walking you do!

Tommy said...

Oh yeah, I believe that my friend's lover was already gay, it had simply been repressed by his upbringing. Thanks for your kind words, I try not to be purposely shocking, but sometimes there is only one honest way to describe something!

Larry said...

If there's a "Desert Island Blogs" list, yours is at the top for me. My compliments on your blog mirror the 1st paragraph of comments by "Anonymous" in this May 25th column, except for being shocked. I moved from Northampton to St. Petersburg, FL, nearly 3 years ago (job change) and your blog is one of my principle lifelines back home.

I'm prompted to write after reading here of the religious intolerance which you face all too frequently. I'm hetero, but my girlfriend and I have always greatly supported gay rights. If you think it's bad, in this respect, in the Pioneer Valley, just spend some time down here in Florida...! We're thinking of moving back to New England in part because of the general ignorace & intolerance here.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and ask you not to let the bastards get you down!

Anonymous said...

"Any two people in love are morally superior to any third person pointing at them with hatred".
Is that what you are when you are down on your knees in the mens room with a dick stuck down your throat- Morally Superior???? ROTFLMFAO jim666