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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Shorts

A few quickies.

For former UMass students of a certain age the comics of Steve LeFler have a special nostalgia. His work dominated the UMass Collegian in the late Seventies and early 80's, and he's still in the comics business to this day. He also has a blog, and I recently stumbled upon this entry about his UMass days:

It was my good fortune to be friends with Carl Mayfield (above) lead guitarist and vocalist for Martian Highway, a local party band with a strong following. Carl was an accomplished illustrator as well, and we jammed on an 11” x 17” poster for a Martian Highway gig that would double as a costume ball / publishing party.

Given the tenor of the times, Carl hit on the clever idea that we would print the poster in silver ink on black paper. Why? To make it look like a giant hit of blotter acid, of course!

To read the entire post go here.

Thanks to Jay Brannan for alerting me to the following video, and who by the way looks quite serious in his new glasses, which he got photographed wearing despite trying to grab the camera.

If you are unmoved by this video, then you are not human.

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