The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lost No More

Together at last.

Look at this cool car that was parked in downtown Amherst today.

At Amherst Coffee I ran into Jamie Berger, one half of the duo behind Masculinity and its Discontents. The other half is the studly Danny Oppenheimer.

In front of LaVeracruza I ran into Amherst Select Board member Anne Awad and her husband, former member Robie Hubley. They aren't awfully fond of bloggers these days, but graciously allowed themselves to be photographed.

Here's a picture of me reading in Amherst's Jones Library this afternoon, seated beneath an antique painting.

Actually I've been too busy to be reading much lately - my long lost brother is in town! Here he is with his wife Connie in front of the mural of Emily Dickinson in downtown Amherst.

Yes, after all that incredible saga he finally arrives in Massachusetts!


Mary E.Carey said...

That's great that your brother is in town! And a very nice photo of Robie Hubley and Anne Awad.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I had read the story about your brother. I was happy to see that he and his wife had
made the trip to where his roots really begain.

That must have been an emotional meeting when all of you got together. Perhaps, you will write about it when the emotions have
settled down a bit.

This is the sort of stuff from which novels are written.