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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, August 4, 2008

Eat Me

I mean good food.

There's a good nutrition website called My Diet Power that has daily updates on the latest in nutrition news. Here's today's stories from their table of contents, supplemented with my sarcastic comments.

Soy Lowers Sperm Count
Eating half a serving of soy food a day lowers sperm concentrations and may play a role in male infertility, particularly in obese men, Harvard University researchers report.

So what? Obese guys never get laid anyway.

Pregnant? Fish Oil May Cut Asthma Risk
Children born to women who took fish-oil capsules in late pregnancy are less likely to have asthma at age 16, according to a new European Union-funded study.

So take disgusting tasting pills for the sake of your child.

U.S Peppers Yes, Mexican Peppers No
Almost a week after uncovering the first big clue in the nationwide salmonella outbreak, U.S. health officials announced that tainted jalapeno peppers had been definitively traced to a farm in Mexico.

More NAFTA benefits!

Love Lobster? Lob the Liver
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has advised lobster eaters to toss the tomalley, the greenish organ that functions as a liver and pancreas, because it may contain dangerous levels of the toxins that cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning

That green shit always looked disgusting anyway.

From Perez Hilton:

Admit it, you love that artery clogging dollar menu at McDonald's. But working on a stroke is about to get that much harder according to gossip king Perez Hilton:

Looks like you'll be getting less cheese for your cheese at Mickey D's.

McDonald's is weighing whether to yank the popular double cheeseburger from its Dollar Menu because of the high cost of cheese.


Some franchises are reportedly selling the double-cheeseburger with one slice of cheese instead of two and calling it a "double hamburger with cheese."


What will we welfare folks do now for Sunday dinner? Actually I don't go to McDonald's much ever since I got sober and no longer use my appetite stimulator.

As a gift to future generations of UMass students, the class of 2008 planted this baby tree in front of the Curry Hicks building.

Did you know that on October 25, 1968 Janis Joplin and her band Big Brother and the Holding Company played at UMass in Curry Hicks?

Exactly 100 years ago another UMass graduating class, whose members are now all dead, also gave a tree to the students of the future. It still stands outside Munsen Hall.

May the tree planted this spring of 2008 also stand one hundred years.

Someone who knows I'm a fan of Stephen Geoffreys sent me this picture of him from the 1987 TV show Amazing Stories where Geoffreys starred in an episode entitled Moving Day. I've never seen it.

According to the IMBd the story had the following plot:
When Al Webster's parents tell him that they have to move, the 17-year-old student is understandably upset - but not nearly as much as when he learns their destination is the planet Alturus, 85 billion miles away.
Sounds good, hope I get to see it someday.

Springfield is a wonderful place where a young man can grow up and learn that he can go out in the world and be whatever he wants to be.

- Taj Mahal this weekend at the Quadrangle.

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