The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, August 22, 2008

Loose ends

This and that.

Last night I was walking through downtown Amherst when I saw what looked like a party going on at Mystery Train Records.

Going inside I discovered that there had been music playing, but it had just ended.

However, I did learn that the store was closing, but only to move to a new location just down the street. I bought a lot of music there over the years so for the sake of posterity I photographed the check-out counter one last time.

Earlier that day I noticed that the Amherst Starbucks had stripped away all of it's vinyl siding.

Notice all the nice woodwork that has been revealed. This is the plain manner in which the building appeared with the siding.

I think siding ruins the appearance of old buildings, and I hope that Starbucks invests in restoring the woodwork to its former splendor rather than put on new siding.

Gwen helps at the Amherst Survival Center and has the best dreads of any girl in town. Even more unique, they are blond!

The guy with the best dreads in town is someone who goes only by the name Rhythom, and who also helps at the Center.

However, blonds have more fun.

This is a pretty sexy mannequin in the window of a Northampton health food store.

Would I want it to come to life? Naw, you can't give head if you ain't got a head!

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Mary E.Carey said...

I saw that de-sided house in back of Starbucks and remarked to Brian that I had never noticed how in need of a paint job the place was before. I'd kind of like to check out that video, because I've never seen Kim Catrell in anything but Sex and the City before.