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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, August 11, 2008



Today is my birthday.

That's pretty cool. A year ago I was an addict and dying.

Today I am more alive than ever. God is merciful, almost no one who goes down as far as I did ever comes back up. When I did I first opened my eyes and then I opened my hands and saw that a shiny white pearl was in each palm.

This weekend some friends took me out to a pre-birthday dinner at Amherst Chinese. Beforehand I played tourist guide by bringing them to Emily Dickinson's grave in downtown Amherst. They took my picture but wouldn't let me take theirs.

I asked why they didn't want their picture taken and they said they didn't want to appear on this blog. They said they wanted to preserve their privacy.

Privacy? What's that?

There were many offerings left on Dickinson's grave, including a harmonica. We left a burning candle.

The candle burned into the night, where it may have served as a beacon to lost spirits who perhaps might gather at Miss Emily's grave for a poetry slam.

Outside Amherst Chinese was this sticker.

It reads "Religions are our attempt to give form to the divine because we suck at contemplating raw infinity."

If I catch myself thinking about aging I try to remember what the wise Pine Pine philosopher Miss Mean Mary Jean once said, "Whenever I find myself worrying about getting older, I remind myself of those I have known who were denied the privilege."

How old am I?

Old enough to know better but still too young to care.


sodafixer said...

Happy Birthday Tom!

Bill Dusty said...

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Mary E.Carey said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! Next time I see you, coffee and cake is on me.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tom, and many more...

larry said...

Happy Birthday Tom.

I should have remembered because Mariannes was Saturday. She turned 70! I'm not too far behind at 67. I knew it was sombodys Birthday, just couldn't remember who's!

Hope things are looking up in your life. I have always said that you only get out of something what you put into it. I have busted my ass my entire life and all I got for it was a broken Ass! But in the interim, I got lucky and found Marianne. We worked hard and starting all over at our age was not easy. But here we are, Loving the Sunshine and life itself. She just became involved in another business venture and hopefully we will be better off than now. Isn't that what we always strive for? To improve ones standard of living? Your day will come. Stay on the right path and your day will come too.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Tommy Devine. you make my Northampton better.

Helen said...

Happy belated Birthday Tommy!

JW said...

I don't get into the forums as often as I once did and I've been remiss when it comes to keeping up with the vast information you provide on your website; however, I took a large chunk of time to visit your website and I must say, you are incredible!

Your insights, knowledge, and savvoy of the general population's interests amazes me. What I truly found inspiring and perhaps the most difficult task you have endured is your determination to 'get straight'. Thank you for the sacrifice which insures you will continue to live your life and utilize your exceptional talents to the fullest and for many years to come.

I commend you for overcoming years of difficulty. I know it is a day to day effort, so keep in mind each day there are thousands of folks who wish you well. What a gift you have!