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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, September 15, 2008

Primary Picks

Who to vote for - and against.

Tomorrow is Primary Day, and like most years it's a totally Democrat affair. In Massachusetts, the Republicans are lucky to have any candidate on the field at all, let alone people competing for the chance to run. However, so powerful is incumbency in the stagnant swamp known as Western Mass politics that even the Democrats seldom have challengers. We are poorer for it, because the incumbents are seldom forced to defend their records. But anyway, of the few contests that exist, here are the candidates that I think the wise Democrat should support.

Edward J. O'Reilly

You should definitely vote against incumbent Senator John Kerry (above left with former Springfield Mayor Michael Albano) for a number reasons. To name a few, he never comes around here except at election time, and he embarrassed the state with his lame presidential campaign of 2004. His challenger, Ed O'Reilly, is not that much different from Kerry on the issues, but his brother Michael O'Reilly was the guy at the head of the corruption probe that took down so many in Springfield. O'Reilly probably can't win statewide, but shame on Springfield if the city doesn't vote for O'Reilly by a wide margin in gratitude for what his brother did.

John W. Olver

Local Republicans are urging conservative Democrats to support Olver's challenger in the hopes that Robert Feuer would be weaker against Ethan Bech, Olver's GOP challenger in November. That's too Machiavellian for me though, as Olver has earned his party's nomination.

Kateri B. Walsh

I will be supporting William Scibelli in November as the best person to carry on the proud legacy of service of Mary Rogeness, but in the meantime I hope Democrats will chose my old radio pal Kateri to run in the 2nd District State Rep. race.

Benjamin Swan

Swan is no angel and has never claimed to be. He is however a civil rights legend and far superior to his challenger Chelan Brown, who seems self serving, deceptive and ungrateful. Lorenzo Gaines should concentrate on running for City Council next year.

So you Dems, get out and vote tomorrow!

I can't believe that Parliaments have become the preferred cigarettes of hipsters. When I was young we considered Parliaments to be a brand only your parents would smoke.

Why is an addictive carcinogen considered cool by anyone?

After a brief hiatus the amazing Paolo is back. Here's a cool pic he took of New York.

The Amherst Ben & Jerry's is having an eating contest a week from today.

How much ice cream can you chow down?

I disapprove of this vandalism in Herter Hall at UMass. I do however approve of the sentiment.

In Amherst they drive funny cars.

On the back was another sentiment I approve of.

At the Amherst Survival Center this morning we were all laughing at this cute kid who went crazy over a peach we gave him.

Next to the Survival Center I saw these weird big black hens.

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