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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Close call.

Here's Paolo lookin' studly.

Paolo made this great shirt:

The exact right sentiment for the times. It took great courage for the House of Representatives to reject that total rip-off, doomed to fail so-called "economic recovery" package yesterday. Although the revolt was led largely by Republicans, forty percent of the Democrats also rebelled by voting against it, and they too deserve high praise.

Unfortunately, the revolt only bought time until Thursday, when the Congress will reconvene and probably have some other legislative abortion to offer. It will probably be better than the bill that failed, but probably not good enough. We are better off letting the markets cleanse themselves of the bad companies, regardless of what short term economic harm that causes to innocent parties, than to rescue the companies that deserve to go broke as a consequence of their own greed and stupidity. We must not go down the path of the government rescuing failing businesses, or there will be no end to it. Plus it cripples the free market that makes America so dynamic.

The soul of America was at risk during the past few days, and history will record that it was saved by the brave actions of those who voted no. The battle isn't over and the outcome uncertain, but for the moment, the good guys are winning.

No thanks to the presidential candidates, one who did too little and the other who did too much. Barack Obama's vague and non-committal statements suggest he didn't have a clue what do, the same discouraging non-performance he gave when Russia invaded Georgia this summer. By contrast John McCain was very involved - working for the wrong side by twisting arms to try to pass the rip-off. Shame on them both.

At UMass today, the supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket were campaigning in the Campus Center.

A poll released last week suggests that McCain is going to have a hard time winning in Massachusetts, showing him losing by a 55% to 39% margin. A poll last month showed the race favoring Obama by 51% to 36%. Although both candidates have since raised their popularity, Obama attracted more new supporters than McCain did. Here's what the pollster, SurveyUSA had to say about their results.

Massachusetts Backs Obama, Though Not By as Much as It Backed Kerry in 2004 and Gore in 2000:
In an election for President of the United States in Massachusetts today, 09/24/08, Democrat Barack Obama defeats Republican John McCain 55% to 39%, according to this latest exclusive WBZ-TV News poll conducted by SurveyUSA. Obama leads among both men and women, young and old, rich and poor. He's up 20 points in greater Boston, 15 points in Western and Central Massachusetts. McCain leads among Independents, those who own a gun, those who are pro-life, and among those who do not consider themselves an intellectual. The two candidates tie among those who have not graduated from college, and in SE Massachusetts.

Amherst College is recognising Banned Book Week by chalking on the pavement the names of books that have been banned.

How long have the buses had names? I just noticed this morning that the Holyoke bus is called the Volleyball Voyager.

I also saw that the the Williamsburg bus was called The Burger Bullet. Cute but weird.

The Academy of Music in Northampton will open its doors Saturday for a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I'm not a big fan, but I give the film credit for being one of the first major films to openly ridicule heterosexuality.

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