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The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun Frauds

Ghost Hunters in Springfield.

Well, like most of the Valley I watched the episode of Ghost Hunters last night that featured an investigation into whether ghosts are haunting Theodore's in downtown Springfield. Their verdict: The joint is haunted.

However, their evidence was pretty flimsy. Some totally subjective claims by the investigators is what made up most of the so-called "proof" with the exception of a shadow image of a "figure" that really could have been anything. I mean those Ghost Hunters really lay it on thick, with all their pretending to be scared in totally unconvincing ways. At least they could have hired good actors!

But don't let my hard cold reason ruin the fun. The building itself was really the star of the show. It was great to see the long abandoned upper floors, as well as the genuinely creepy downstairs. The special effects also made the building, with clouds speeding by, genuinely look like a place where ghosts might live. The show will no doubt also be great for Theodore's business, with curious tourists sure to start stopping by.

To read my opinion on ghosts click here.
To see a little segment from the show click here.

The paparazzi are stalking teenage star Miley Cyrus in a desperate effort to get pictures of her with her new boyfriend, underwear model Justin Gaston.

According to Gossip Girls, Justin has earned the Cyrus family's full confidence and approval.

The underwear model/singer has almost become part of the “Cyrus Family,” spending most of his nights at Billy Ray’s house (even when Miley’s not there).

According to a source in the know, “Justin goes to church with them, takes Miley’s little sister cycling and claims to be a bible toting teetotaler.”

The insider adds, “Billy Ray apparently is completely taken in by Justin’s squeaky clean image and approves of his little girl’s crush.”

But now some photos have surfaced showing Justin at a Hollywood party going buck wild! Does this look like "a bible toting teetotaler?"

Oh my, such a rude gesture, and what must poor Miley have thought of the blonde?

But then how well behaved can you expect an underwear model to be?

I wrote the other day that I will not be voting for Barack Obama, although I still haven't committed to voting for John McCain. In any case, sent me this video warning of what may happen to me if I continue to refuse to endorse Obama.


Bill Dusty said...

I watched the "ghost Hunters" episode, too. Totaly silly.

"Did you see that?!!"

"Did you hear that?!!"

No, I didn't.

Peter said...

Tom, we all know that the only reason you are showing any interest in Miley Cyrus is because you have a crush on her boyfriend Justin.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many male models named Justin?