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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Videos

Feeling frazzled? May this beautiful video from Nashawanuck Lake in Easthampton put you at peace.

Or you might go out and get some ice cream. When really stressed I used to be partial to Darvons, Percocets, Valiums and my two good buds - marijuana and Budweiser, all to counteract the paranoic jitters of crack. But now I like vanilla chocolate chip ice cream.

My drug of choice.

I'm much better off, as you can see from this photo taken last year just a few weeks before I went into rehab. Yikes, I'm so skinny and burnt out!

I never want to be like that again!

The media says these are stressful times because of the economy. Really? Unless you are some rich fat cat who did stupid things out of greed, or someone who foolishly took out a mortgage you can't afford, I don't see anybody hurting. Everybody's too busy spending all the money they're saving on low gas prices.

Or thinking of buying a new home with all the bargains to be had thanks to falling prices. Who were these simpleton investors who thought real estate prices would go up forever? The next pleasant surprise is that when housing prices drop, eventually rents do too.

There will be bad side effects from the stupid bailout plan, but again most people won't notice them and hopefully those that do will finally learn the lesson of not giving the government too much power.

In the meantime, how about nostalgia as a mood lifter? It's nice to look back on the good old days, but through most of history people had nothing but their memories to do so. That's not so anymore, especially if you had a camcorder in the 80's and your parents let you play with it all the time. That's was the case with Robert, shown here on the left in 2001 at Northampton's former eatery the 591.

Robert made this video that is almost like walking around downtown Northampton in 1988, showing the old Bran-Win, whose existence I had completely forgotten about, and the late lamented Main Street Records, back when big bulky vinyl still ruled over the then new format called the compact disc. I know you'll enjoy watching this, provided you can still do so with your eyes all blurry from tears of nostalgia.

July 1988 - Bran-Win and Main St. Records


Jim Neill said...

Wow Tom, that was a trip! I used to work at Main Street Records. I don't recognize the guy who rings up Aftermath but the other guy I think was named Jim. The record above their heads to the left is REM Murmur. That's where they put the Now Playing LPs. 20 years!!

paolo mastrangelo said...

Tommy! That person on the right is not Paolo Mastrangelo. I might look similar, but I assure you that is not me. That is the 591 though.

Tommy said...

Yes Jim, it was fun to see the old Hamp again. I hope more people come forward with their old films.

Paolo, I never know whether to believe you when it comes to pictures, but I'll remove your name anyway and let every viewer see what they think they see, one way or the other.

paolo mastrangelo said...

Hey tommy, thanks. But yah, I am not in that picture. Where'd you find that photo?

Anonymous said...

Darvons, Percocets, Valiums and my two good buds - marijuana and Budweiser. far less painful to have that all stuff as buds than face the reality of being gay.