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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Turkey

On to Xmas!

Hey, hope you all had a nice holiday! The day before Thanksgiving the Amherst Survival Center put on a free holiday meal for the entire community at the Lutheran Church just down the road from UMass.

Lots of folks from the community volunteer for that event, leaving regular volunteers like myself the freedom to do what we never get the chance to do - just show up and eat. My friend Damon Reeves entertained everyone on piano while they ate.

Mary Carey of the Hampshire Gazette/Amherst Bulletin was there in her professional role of reporter. She took my photo....

And I took hers:

So now it's on to the next big holiday! Sure enough, by the library I ran into campus activist Ed Cutting, who was enroute to start setting up the UMass Christmas tree.

Recently I've been going through some old photographs and I thought I'd show you a few. This is my family on Thanksgiving on Hood Street in ol' Pine Point in 1948. My father is the person on the far right.

This is Wally's Fruits and Vegetables on Boston Road in Pine Point in 1954. Dig the five cent Cokes and Dreikorn's Bread sign!

My Uncle Wally was the proprietor, until he sold the business to a local vendor named Angelo, who developed it into one of Springfield's most popular food stores. Today Angelo's is out of business and the building is vacant.

Here are my sisters outside the World Famous Thomas M. Balliet Elementary School in 1968.

This is me at age 13 with my grandmother at the former Riverside Park (now Six Flags). I remember the day, dig that haircut and shirt!

Like most observers, I was not surprised by the conviction of Jason Strickland in the child abuse trial regarding Holly Poutre, the poor child who was abused into a permanently brain damaged state. The evidence against him seemed overwhelming, although most of the abuse appears to have been carried out by his late wife.

I was sickened by some of the details of the case and the sheer evil of of the acts. For example Holly loved to dance, so they hit her on the knees with a hammer. The terrible cruelty of that fills me with hatred. I can forgive a lot in the way of human failings, but child abuse of any kind I have zero tolerance for. That is the lowest of the low, and I hope Jason Strickland gets the harshest possible sentence.

I am not a death penalty supporter, but I can't help but wish that Jason Strickland could somehow meet the same fate as his wife, who was shot in the head by her own mother (who then shot and killed herself) thereby thankfully imposing on her monster of a daughter the just punishment the courts could not.

Bill Dusty made this interesting video about Monday's panhandling rally in downtown Northampton.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the picture of your family on Hood Street. Is that one of those big black stoves? And is that a short refrigerator? And where is the turkey?
And I love the piano-key pattern on your sisters' dresses.
Those were the days, my friend.We thought they'd never end....but they did!
I enjoy your posts, and your photos.

Jean said...

My Mom greatly admired the photo of your sisters, as did I.
One would wonder why they were posing for photos while school was in session.

It would be fun to see if we could locate those same trees.

By the way, my little sister wore shoes like your little sisters have on in the picture. Plus, your shirt makes you look like you're on shore leave from Star Fleet.

You were always ahead of your time.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shirt and 'do! You remind me of Spock from the old Star Trek days.

Always love all your photos and detailed posts!

Anonymous said...

sorry Tommy, but you looked much better when you were all strung out. Today you like a liberal who bought in to the metrosexuality scene

TC said...

I guess Ed Cutting thought that by putting dye in his hair nobody would think he was a sketchy old guy.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if any of the people in this video actually volunteer either their time or resources at any sort of local shelter, or if they just protested and that was that. don't get me wrong, protest is the right of everyone and a damn fine way to get things at the forefront of everyone's mind, but I think honestly, that it'd be hard pressed to find more than 5 people here who actually followed this through. i volunteer with a few local causes and have and will go to bat for them at any sort of juncture because I actually believe in them, but growing up and living in this area has made me lose some respect for those that can't back up what they are saying. the scene where the two women are arguing with the man and they just dismiss him and "shoo" him on while he is albeit argumentative, but sincerely trying to debate the issue is point and case.

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