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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Day

In Springfield.

I couldn't help but admire the colorful pastries in Northampton's Haymarket Cafe this morning. But I didn't buy any lest I have a sugar overdose.

I caught the bus from Northampton to Holyoke, then had to change at this bus stop to the express to Springfield, a bus filled with students, old ladies chattering in Spanish and junkies with their shuck and jive.

Finally I arrived at the Springfield Peter Pan bus station, which as usual was a freakin' zoo.

Truckin' up Main Street I stopped at Jake's for lunch. He has all these fishing trophies on display.

Once upon a time downtown Springfield was full of little diners like Jake's. Now hundreds of millions of dollars of government "revitalization" spending later, Jake's is pretty much the only one left. With the money from the Obama stimulus bill, maybe the politicians can finally kill downtown Springfield for good.

After lunch I caught the STATE-BOSTON ROAD bus to my beloved Pine Point.

During the 1970's my Dad worked as a bartender at this joint back when it was called The Black Stallion. Today it is a bar patronized primarily by politicians.

Walking into Saint Michael's Cemetery, I was reminded of why I will be spending eternity in hell along with all my childhood friends who used to call this statue "The Holy Blow Job."

I went to my father's grave, which is located not far from Kimberly, the girl who tried and failed to fuck me straight.

Nearby Jay Libardi is chillin under the snow.

I planned to visit Doyle the Twig Painter in downtown Pine Point.

However, I was dismayed to discover that he was brought to the hospital suffering from pnemonia. Hope he recovers quickly!

Last spring I showed you the ruined condition of this house.

Now it is a parking lot with only one car in it in the middle of a business day.

On the way back home I took this picture of the mighty Connecticut through the bus window while crossing the bridge into West Springfield.

On the last leg of my journey I ran into the arts writer Andrea Murray. I took her picture.

Then she took mine.

In all a fun and fruitful day.

Worth a Thousand Words

Today's Video

If you don't have a recording studio, sometimes you just have to make your video in the room with the best accoustics, even if that happens to be the bathroom. The results are well worth it on this heartfelt cover of a classic Hot Tuna tune.


Mary E.Carey said...

Loved this tour of your Springfield. Jay Libardi has a great grave!

Andrea Murray said...

A-ha! my picture!

I see you around so often lately and it's always a pleasure.