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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunderland Secret

Riverside Cemetery

Hey folks, not much time to blog today but I wanted to show you this place I found today in Sunderland. It's the Riverside Cemetery and the earliest graves date back to 1714.

The road leading to it is obscure and not always safe. That's Mount Sugarloaf looming in the background.

The cemetery itself was a glassy sheet of ice, making it impossible to really explore as much as I wanted to.

However, I did manage to get over to the back where the cemetery looks out over the mighty Connecticut River. This is a view of the river impossible to see in warmer weather because of all the leaves.

The combination of this gnarled tree and faded tombstone make this a scene right out of Stephen King novel.

I won't tell you the exact location of Riverside cemetery, lest too many flock to it, but those who know the hilltowns will recognise how to get there from my photos.

Obama vs. Jindal in 2012?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's TV response after President Obama's speech Tuesday so upset some Democrats that they forgot their political correctness and stooped to making fun of his accent. But President Obama seems to regard Jindel as his likely 2012 opponent according to Yahoo:

As far as the current Oval Office occupant is concerned, Obama thinks Jindal's spoiling for a contest. During his Monday press conference following the meeting with governors, the president chided stimulus package naysayers for politics as usual and "looked at" Jindal when he said, "There's going to be ample time for campaigns down the road."

Whatever their differences, Obama and Jindall have this in common - both have foreign sounding birth names that they tried to disguise. Barack used to go by the name of "Barry" and Jindall, born with the name Piyush, demanded at the age of four to be called Bobby after the Brady Bunch character (above) of the same name.

Fine Art

Wow, I can't believe the jean shorts in this photo are painted on! (click to enlarge)

Now that's what I call inspiring art!

Believe nothing because a wise person said it.
Believe nothing because it is generally held.
Believe nothing because it is written.
Believe nothing because it is said to be divine.
Believe nothing because someone else believes it.
But believe only what you yourself judge to be true.



historian said...

I would love to visit that cemetery!

Don said...

That cemetery seems a nice to place to visit, though I'm not sure that I'd enjoy a long-term stay.