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Monday, March 16, 2009

Feder Fallout

Other Perspectives

Did I say that yesterday's Nazi song was the last word on the UMass Feder Fiasco? Never mind, because since then some interesting stuff has come to my attention regarding the incident last week where UMass speaker Don Feder was unable to give his speech due to repeated audience outbursts.

First, something called Mass Resistance (which is where the above photo of a communist youth attending the event comes from) condemns everyone who disrupted Feder's speech as "homosexual activists." So what does that make me? Gay people can't be free speech supporters?

Also, the following video has surfaced of the event which I think is worth watching. It shows the highlights (lowlights?) of the night, and it is of better quality than other video that has surfaced. It attempts to put a positive spin on what happened, which I think is really impossible to do.

Hamp Law Library

I've often passed this door on the side of the front steps of the old Hampshire County courthouse in Northampton.

A sign indicates it is a law library, and today I decided to stop in. I used to work for the Western New England College Law Library in Springfield. Here's a picture of me at my desk in 1989. Note the Dead stuff on the side.

However, the Hamp Law Library is not attached to an educational institution, but to the court system, and so has a high level of government paranoia.

The people who work there were very nice and helpful. Yet it is still the sort of place where no one but a lawyer would be interested in going. Nothing but a lot of musty old law books!

They may not be the most entertaining books, but they are the most powerful!

Promoting Paranoia

I came across this stuck to a Hamp mailbox.

I don't know what it's trying to say, but it doesn't seem very nice.

Persian Stoner Poem.

John Paul Maynard of Amherst passes along this 900 year old poem by Hafiz he translated from the Persian.

What heart-felt joy that the wine never leaves our sight.
Look, in every stall they're singing so as to not pass out.

Mere lust for hot sweet lips will not make you first.
Better to be like a fly with its feet stuck in syrup.

May the heart never be so frivolous and so scattered
That some work is done without the brain's skill

Those perfect circles inside the eyes - they're not drunk,
because the arch of the eyebrows upholds Divine Law.

I stand like a weeping willow, begging alertness
I'll not let go your belt except for silver and gold.

I don't see anyone quite so utterly wretched as myself.
In this state, my pen is just smoke from the heart.

Bring in more wine and give it first to Hafiz,
On condition that he does not stop this babbling.

Today's Video

Popular Amherst musician Damon Reeves was over yesterday so I made this video of him playing and singing in my TV room.


Anonymous said...

That person should be ashamed to wear a communist symbol!

Anonymous said...

liberals are agendacized robots incapable of independent thoughts. If someone is not a liberal, they are bad and therefore all of their beliefs are wrong. loud rude obnoxious pigs full of hate and intolerance running amuck on college campuses.

yabasta22 said...

Nice playing, Damon!