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The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fight Back

Our Valley Gets Involved

The whole country is gearing up for the massive nationwide protests scheduled for April 15 against the rip-off bailouts and expansion of government power that is endangering our freedom and prosperity. While a large protest is being organized in the Boston area, there has been no sign of a rally around here - until now. I was delighted to see this press release in my email box today.

Springfield - The Western Massachusetts 912 Project will sponsor a Tax-Day Tea Party, Wednesday, April 15, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the corner of Liberty and Main Streets, adjacent to the Post Office.

According to Shirley Nomakeo, Event Organizer, the Tea Party event and the group's ongoing regional activity is part of a nationwide initiative inspired by the Glenn Beck Program for concerned citizens to come together in a grassroots, non-partisan effort.

"We have more than 100 members registered with us at," Nomakeo said. The group expects to have somewhere between 50 and 100 people join them April 15 in Springfield.

"This is a first step for some of us who have never done anything like this before," she said. "People are upset that the Constitution, and their liberties and rights are being ignored."

The organizers predict only 100? Shame on our Valley if less than 1,000 appear!

Here Comes Sunshine

It has been so rainy and cold that it was a delight today to be able to do summery things like wear sunglasses, although Andy at the Amherst Survival Center kinda went too far.

It's a sure rite of spring when the UMass professors take their classes outdoors, as happened this afternoon.

Elsewhere on campus, students were out warning the Valley of an upcoming threat to us all!

Yes, every year at this time, we in the Valley must unite to repel the attacks of mindless beings who wish us ill. No, not the local politicians, but the brain-eating undead!

Here are some dramatic battlescenes from last year's Human/Zombie War.

Get Smart

Speaking of brains, the UMass People's Market was pushing a new product today called Brain Toniq, an energy drink with NO caffeine that is also supposed to make you smarter.

I tried a sample and thought it was pretty good. However, I'll defer to the judgement of this energy drink connoisseur.

When Brain Toniq comes out of the can it looks like white grapefruit juice in color. When you taste it, it's got some zing to it. It's like a mix of ginger ale with various citrus fruits. There's definitely some grapefruit, orange and lemon in there with a fresh almost a minty finish that you would get with really fresh grapefruit or pomelo. The sweetness is light and clear with no aftertaste. That's the result of using agave as the sweetener, no cloying aftertaste or sticky mouth. The flavor is refreshing and springy. Brain Toniq's flavor is unlike anything on the market and isn't going to appeal to those who like a super sweet fruity flavor but will to those who like a mature beverage with a fresh citrus flavor and a ginger ale finish.

Each can of Brain Toniq has 80 calories and 20 grams of sugar. That's pretty light for an 8 ounce drink that has some sugar in it. Ingredients are all natural with organic agave nectar, choline, Eleutherococcus, Rodiola Rosea extract, DMAE, and blue green algae. I like that Brain Toniq differentiates itself with no caffeine and no processed sugar. It's a very natural drink with nothing artificial. The proprietary blend that powers Brain Toniq is huge with 1830 mg packed into the can. About 15 minutes after drinking it I felt like my head got lighter. It was like I could feel the blood flowing to my brain and my eyes started seeing things more clearly. It feels as if your thinking is occurring much faster. After drinking Brain Toniq my concentration definitely picked up (which is something I didn't see with NERD or Function Brainiac) and I felt like I could really think clearly. The effect lasted about 2 hours for me and there are no jitters like you get with many sugary-caffeine laden drinks. I can see the appeal of this drink to students, lawyers, and bankers who really need to concentrate.

Or students like Heather, who said she ran twenty miles, wrote her entire doctoral thesis and caught up on all her laundry within 24 hours of drinking half a can!

Okay, I made up the laundry part, but it seems like a pretty good product!

Today's Video

It will happen to you.


Alfred said...

I will have to try that brain drink!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post about Brain Toniq. I've been using it for the last week, and damn, it really does work for focus. I use it at specific times of the day when I need to study. It only lasts about an hour with my metabolism, but that's often enough for what I need to do.

Anonymous said...

The woman with the Atlas Shrugs sign concerns me.

I just got that book for free because a library was giving it away due to lack of space on the shelves. It's on my list of books to read, but way at the bottom.

Still, what kind of protest sign does a book title make? I mean, seriously, if all you have to say is a book title, you're kind of an idiot. Imagine some leftist walking down the street carrying a sign that read "A People's History of the United States" I'd be like,

When someone carries a sign like that, it makes me think that there message is something like "All my ideas come from this book" or "All my arguments are contained here" or "Ayn Rand has already done my thinking for me. All hail Ayn Rand!"

Oh, by the way, taxes suck and they hit us up with far too many of them. That's indisputable.


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