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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Go Kids Go

Leverett Art Show.

Today I stopped at the kids art show at the Barnes Gallery in Leverett. It had art by elementary school kids from all over the North Valley, and had music as well, as you can see from this balcony view.

Some kids got their faces painted.

I like this psychedelic truck that was parked out front.

This weird contraption seemed to have no purpose other than to just make noise and spin around. The grown-ups didn't get it but the little kids understand.

Wax Revival

UMass radio station WMUA hosted a vinyl record convention in the Cape Cod lounge today.

I couldn't believe how many people there were.

Who even has the equipment to play vinyl anymore?

Palm Sunday in Amherst

I was strolling through downtown Amherst today taking in the sights. I saw this crowd of people carrying palms filing into St. Brigid's Catholic Church. My brother-in-law Steve's parents were married in that church.

Someone made a mess with a spraycan on the wall of the Amherst Subway.

Ritz Camera has bit the dust. The internet is killing specialty shops like that.

But while one business dies another is thriving. Until last summer Mystery Train Records used to be next door to the Amherst Brewery.

It then relocated to the building that used to be the O'Reilly for Senate headquarters.

This afternoon I finally got around to visiting Mystery Train in its new location.

They have a nice selection inside.

Upstairs they've been having musical events, overseen by their old wooden mascot Scrooge McDuck.

I was told that many people have asked to buy that duck. It was purchased in Vermont, but was sculpted in Cambodia. It is not for sale at any price.

Around Hamp

Dances With Dogs has a colorful van!

This lawn on State Street reminds me of the Texas Bluebells where my relatives live in Houston.

The counter at the Haymarket Cafe.

Hurt Hand

The other day I slipped on the stairs and hurt my hand. That's the second time this year I've gotten hurt in a fall. Good grief, it seems almost like I'm falling down more than I used to when I was drinking!

The doctor wrapped my hand in an interesting new kind of bandage that has medicine in the bandage itself that lowers swelling and kills pain. That's important for someone like me, who as a former addict has issues with being prescribed normal pain killers. So this bandage was an anti-inflamatory and pain killer all rolled into one.

We live in an age of mundane miracles.

Today's Video

Through all the shit that's gone down, there was always the Grateful Dead.


Anonymous said...

They make record players that convert automatically to mp3's now. Its pretty bizarre, but very cool.

Mark T. Alamed said...

I went for awhile without a phone last year (she got the phone, I got the cat). When I got one, I immediately signed up on that government-sponsored 'Do Not Call' list.

Lo and behold, I still got calls.

So I called the government to find out what the deal was. Apparently, that 'Do Not Call' list is just for avoiding telemarketers. Friends and family can still call.