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The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Me

Around Hamp

Couldn't find time to blog the last couple days, but as always the camera was clicking. I started my day today at Northampton's City Hall buying a PVTA bus pass for this month.

Frankly, I'm getting to the point of considering throwing enough money at the registry to get my license back, which was lost in my drunken past. Next I went to the Haymarket, which was surprisingly quiet.

I see from these posters in the window of Dynamite Records that Eminem has a new album out called Relapse. I haven't heard it, but the reviews have been less than glowing.

Generally when an artist starts singing about their time in detox, it means that they're past their prime.

I like this psychedelic car I came upon in front of the nail parlor next to the Cumberland's on King Street.

My neighbor took this old bike and made the baskets into planters to make a unique lawn ornament.

This picture taken about two years ago shows my roommate Bert walking along the abandoned railway in Hamp near the skateboard park.

For the first time in ages I went that way and saw that it has been nicely paved into a bike path.

On the old stone railway wall was stenciled these Rubik Cubes.

Peeking around a Market Street corner.

Remember that mysterious dog cut-out that was in front of the Academy of Music?

It turns out to have been an ad for a production of Snoopy the Musical. I happened to be waiting for the bus just as they were delivering the doghouse via the stage door.

This poster in the window of the Hamp porn shop suggests summer love.

May it be so.

Former Hamp Characters

Lord Russ is injured at home.

Valley sex symbol Paolo Mastrangelo was recently listed as among those whose twitters are followed by the staff of The New York Times, rated right between Nicole Richie and Newt Gingrich. Wow, what Paolo says is more influential than the former Speaker of the House? There is also a Paolo Popsicle hitting the market.

A good licker and an all day sucker.

Today's Video

Oh what can it mean?


Tim said...

Hey Tom,

You should get your license back. Especially with the new Gub'ment cars coming out. Couldn't you see yourself in a new Chevy Chavez?

Anonymous said...

You should have said that Paolo's "tweets" not "twitters" are being followed by the NYT. Always use proper online terminology!

Mary E.Carey said...

I followed the link to the Twitter list. Very interesting. Are those the James Bond pops Paolo mentions on his page?

Tommy said...

Yes, I mean that's James Bond wishing he was Paolo.