The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick Sketch

Of Hamp

The bus came by and I got on; that was how it all began....

Soon I was back in my beloved Northampton, where the scent of bacon was wafting across Coolidge Park from the hotel.

It's too bad that bacon doesn't taste as wondrous as it smells, but then much of life is like that.

Soon I felt an alien presence.

Sometimes you need flippers in this town to wade through the bullshit.

And superheroes to rescue Hamp Hipsters from their crashing egos.

But that's all okay, if I can contemplate a ray of the setting sun as it shines through a window of the Haymarket Cafe.

Today's Video

Ken Kesey was in prison on drug charges when Woodstock (whose official anniversary is today) took place and therefore couldn't go. However his famous psychedelic bus did attend, driven cross-country by Ken Babbs. For once the bus did not stand out that much, among so many other psychedelically painted vehicles. However, there was at least one bus present with a straight paint job - a Peter Pan bus from Springfield, Massachusetts as you can see from this three minute Woodstock home movie posted on YouTube. Along with the Valley reference, this home movie captures what it was probably like for the average person to be in the crowd at Woodstock as any documentary.

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Tinkerbell said...

How cool that a Peter Pan bus was at Woodstock!