The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Camera

Old Photos

Hey everybody, I got a new camera! That means I have to clean out all the photos from the old one before I discontinue using it. There's no unifying theme to these shots, just that they never made it to this blog until now.

Psychedelic Lady Liberty in a Saratoga art gallery.

Mushrooms by Springfield's Twig Painter.

Don Matera has been going all over Northampton painting the sights.

Now his paintings are for sale in a downtown window.

There is one painting called "Regal Lisa" that he didn't paint on the street.

This wall outside the Campus Center at UMass is a popular spot for meeting and gossiping.

Taken at the ice cream stand by the rail trail.

Any more stickers and you won't be able to read this Hamp sign.

The Amherst Men's Resource Center is closed - and good riddance.

John Walsh at the Saratoga race track.

Geese at the back entrance to Saint Michael's Cemetery in Springfield.

In the Northampton City Clerk's office.

Beatlemania at Turn It Up - the last record store left in Northampton.

In Vermont they drive funny cars to downtown Hamp, like this one celebrating Anne Frank, Herman Munster and Groucho Marx. And the unifying them of that is?

They call me the wanderer.

A State Street cat.

The flag of the Nation of Sunflowers.

Cover Guys

Have you noticed how as he ages Jay Leno increasingly resembles a cartoon character?

Speaking of magazine covers, the 1968 edition of LIFE magazine with Jefferson Airplane on the cover is for sale on eBay.

It costs twenty-five freakin' bucks!

Today's Video

Damon Reeves and Kara Kharmah today on the Amherst Common.


seaking said...

Tom, I'm curious - I didn't know much about the Men's Resource Center - what was your beef with it?

Tommy said...

I had friends who were court ordered to go there and told me some horror stories about some of the freaky thought control stuff they were into. It was a poor agency to invest tax money into, which is why no one really tried to save it when it was going down. There's been a lot of discomfort even in the liberal community over that agency for a long time, and everyone is pretty much relieved to be done with it.

Bill Weye said...

Well, Tom, I do know quite a bit about the MRC, and you're at it again: writing about things you know little about, and the rest is just straight rubbish.

Here's what you didn't mention in your comment: to have been court ordered to the MRC, your friend was ordered to attend the MOVE program -- men overcoming violence program. Yup, your friend was a perpetrator of violence, probably domestic. If your friend had some problem with that, it's not the MRC's fault; blame the court for sending him there. Let's be clear: the only way to be in the MOVE program is if you do so voluntarily, or you're a criminal and are sentenced instead of going to jail.

Maybe instead of giving your friend a chance to get his life together at MOVE the judge should have put him in lock-up. If he's a friend of yours, he's probably a dirt bag like you. Jail is a good place for violent offenders.

IN FACT the MOVE program is still alive and well. It was such a worthwhile program that Service Net is now handling it.

I had a loose relationship with the MRC for 15 years, attending the Sunday drop in groups for men. There was absolutely NO mind control going on.

Tommy said...

I can't explain any furthur without violating the privacy of the people who talked to me, but I stand by everything I said. The fact that people who were involved with that agency for fifteen years describe the clients as "dirtbags" is reflective of some of the problems that caused it to close. Good riddance to that evil place.

Anonymous said...

This psychadelic little number here. is it royalty free? if not, do you know who holds the copyright? Kinda like this one.

Tom said...

I'm not sure where that pic came from, but I wouldn't worry about using it freely.

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