Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meghan's Mustache

My Photo Causes a Stir

Senatorial daughter and internet sensation Meghan McCain spoke at UMass last night. Here's a clip of her discussing her mixed feelings about libertarian congressman Ron Paul.

Of course Meghan had to twitter about her UMass experience, saying this the day before:

your girl is spent, but don't worry UMassAmherst, unless I'm bleeding or in the hospital I never cancel. C u all tomorrow for my speech! :-)

Someone put on twitter the photograph I took and put up on my site the day before(above) showing how her posters were being defaced by mustaches, to which McCain herself responded to in person.

UMassAmherst, if you are going to deface my pic can you make the mustache longer and curly like a pirate? thx

Her twitter fans rushed to her defense:

Twitone - I agree that this is rude and ignorant, but please don't blame the entire campus. UMass Amherst didn't do this as a whole.

Anothertweet - That is just Rude, I'm more of a Democrat than a Republican, but you and your dad are the best republicans out there.

Of course somebody had to get a little sexy:

Can I have a Mustache ride? Baby?

Whatever misgivings all that may have given Meghan beforehand, she twittered with delight after her speech:

Thank you so much UMassAmherst!! Such a great crowd!!! UMassAmherst campus is gorgeous!!!

A bit of an overdose of exclamation points, but I guess that means that a good time was had by all.

Assorted Shots

We are at our best in the great outdoors.

I'm so disappointed to see that The Gypsy Dog Gallery in Amherst has gone out of business. The current Adminsitration's anti-business policies are hardest on start-ups.

Speak your whole truth.

Everybody gets a kick out of playing in the leaves.

Miss Emily reigns over all.

Luke raking in the cash on Main Street in Northampton.

Hand drawn flower flag on State Street.

Amherst in the rain through the Starbucks window.

Today's Video

How many games will you make me play?


Anonymous said...

Megan seems like a sensible young lady.

KG said...

Any way to email you? A Provost from the project.

Tommy said...

Sure, anyone wishing to email me may do so at