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Friday, October 2, 2009

Michael's Money

Biting Hand That Feeds Him

Documentaries with an attitude are made all the time by people from across the political spectrum, so how come lefty Michael Moore's movies get such attention? Especially since from a political standpoint Moore's films have been total flops. Roger and Me did nothing to revive Detroit, Farenheit 9/11 did not prevent the re-election of George W. Bush, and Sicko did not create a groundswell for socialized medicine. Now in his latest film he's attacking capitalism, which must mean that a free market revival is just around the corner.

Some critics have noted that there's a whiff of hypocricy about Moore attacking capitalism, the very system that has made him very rich. According to American Tusk:

Having Michael Moore make a movie about the evils of capitalism is like having Al Gore pitch a diet plan… neither makes sense. So how has the TV star and filmmaker done financially over the years? Pretty well:

According to Fortune Magazine, Moore’s films have grossed over $300 million worldwide. His highest grossing film was “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which critiques the Bush administration’s handling of the war in Iraq and earned over $200 million worldwide.

Moore reportedly was paid $21 million by Disney for producing, directing and creating the film.

Moore also earned 50 percent of the profits of his 2007 film “Sicko,” totaling $25 million plus DVD sales, according to Vanity Fair reported that Moore would receive all of the profits made from DVD sales of “Sicko,” sales of which have been estimated at over $17 million.

Some more details about Mr. Moore’s “working class” life:

He lives in a million-dollar apartment, and boasts of that as well. “I walk among them. I live on the island of Manhattan, a three-mile-wide strip of land that is luxury home and corporate suite to America’s elite….. Those who run your life live in my neighborhood. I walk in the streets with them each day.”

He supplements his meager income with speaking tours. No more $750 gigs; on his 2004 pre-election tour he charged Utah Valley State College $40,000, Xavier $25,000, and University of New Mexico $35,000. Not bad for an hour or two’s work.

Ah, the joys of capitalism….

One of his former associates summed him up: ” You would think that he’s the ultimate common man. But he’s money-obsessed.”

Two Local Vids

The long struggling Academy of Music in Northampton had a big night yesterday with the celebration of the unveiling of the completed restoration project. Local artist Dann Vazquez captured the key moments on video, and I laugh to see how the mention of vodka and beer got the biggest cheers.

Atop beautiful Mount Sugarloaf in Deerfield (not Sunderland as the video says) bald Monty of 93.9 The River shows us the release of an equally bald eagle, complete with sound effects.


This morning at UMass there were a lot of old people walking around in graduation robes. I asked someone what was going on and they said it was "the convocation."

I didn't know what the hell that was, so consulting the Great God Google I came up with this:

The campus community is cordially invited to the Fifth Annual Faculty Convocation on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 11:00 am in Bowker Auditorium, Stockbridge Hall.

The ceremony will include the formal installation of Robert C. Holub as the 29th Chancellor of the University.

During the ceremony, seven nationally known faculty members will also be presented with the Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Research and Creative Activity, including the Political Science's own, Sheldon Goldman.

Later I stopped by Swartz Farm in Amherst.

They have all the fresh organic greens for your good health.

At the Raos Coffee Shop in downtown Amherst they have this neat new painting of an unnamed planet.

Art and graffiti in the Raos men's room.

On the wall of the UMass bike club they have this homoerotic Italian poster of Mercury, the god of speed, tying his wings to a bicycle.

There seemed to be more socializing than bike repairing going on.

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jim said...

so mikey moore is "Biting The Hand That Feeds Him"? I would bet at least 10 hands are feeding that bloated carcass.
Good thing he has 100 million dollars, his yearly food bill must be at least 25 million