The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

The lights looked really nice in Northampton last night.

Today was the community Thanksgiving dinner put on by the Amherst Survival Center at the Lutheran Church.

The yard of the partyhouse next door to the church looked like things might have been rockin' last night.

Cool decal on a car in the church parking lot.

There was plenty of food for all.

Here's the turkey - I mean being served behind me!

I'm likely to overdose on turkey during the next two days, since I'm going to three separate dinners! Well, that's a problem of plenty, and when I catch myself bitchin' about the problems that come from having too much, I remind myself of the times when I had too little.

Have a Hot Holiday!!

I think hip people
leave small ghosts behind,
haunting winter ballparks
and locked bars,
that phantoms of oldtime stoners
move between the shadows;
but no phantom follows
where a square has gone.


michaela the gardener said...

wonderful. i love the lights in northampton too. as for me, i fully intend to hang around awhile after my body gives up the ghost. i hope to haunt as many trees and rotting stumps as possible.

Tim said...

Hey Tom,

Have a happy Thanksgiving. Looking forward to Sat. night and Hot Tuna. Two great concerts for me two weekends in a row. Saw Steely Dan in Philly last weekend. They played all of "Royal Scam," most of "Aja," and no concert would be complete without some rarities right? They did "Dirty Work" from the first album and "Daddy Don't Live in that NYC no more." Remember this line from back in the day? I'm sure you heard a few people screaming this line at a party in the 70's:

Daddy don't live in that New York City
No more
He can't get tight every night
Pass out on the barroom floor
Daddy can't get no fine cigar
But we know you're smoking
Wherever you are
Daddy don't live in that New York City
No more

Anonymous said...

here's something to be thankful for. Furthur tour is stopping in Amherst in February, and tix go on sale on the 30th.