The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stray Shots

Assorted Ones

With the voting over, the harvest in and the last of the leaves falling, our Valley is now awaiting the arrival of winter, nevermind these last vestiges of Fall on my neighbor's steps.

I like my neighbor's chilltown stove.

Last of the Fall apple pickers.

I like it when politicians thank the public for their votes.

On a car parked by Smith College.

Living large. I don't like that the phrase "Life is Good" is now a registered trademark. Someday we won't be able to say anything at all without paying royalties to someone.

This is weird. My maternal grandfather was named C. White and my paternal grandfather is buried in the veteran's cemetery in Rockyhill, Connecticut.

Students boarding the Peter Pan bus to Springfield at UMass.

A double decker bike for sale in downtown Amherst.

Here's my friend Zak playing on the street in Amherst.


Anonymous said...

Last leaf fallen, bare earth where green was born.

Tim said...


Don't you find the "Life Is Good," stuff to be awfully similar to the "Have a Nice Day," thing of the 70's? I find the whole thing very irritating. One of my friends and his wife wore those shirts all the damn time. I actually bought one of those "Life is crap" shirts in Provincetown, summer before last, although I really couldn't bring myself to wear it. I thought it was funny but a bit too negative. Thing is OF COURSE life is good. Whats the alternative?

Anonymous said...

HIV-infected men in New York City are facing a new threat, researchers said here -- a new form of hepatitis C virus (HCV) that rapidly damages the liver and is transmitted primarily through sex with other men.

just more proof that homo sex is totally wrong

Anonymous said...

Tommy, that Cellar Window Picture without a caption reminded me of my first Union job, Working as a Coal drivers helper. That window was probably the "Coalshute" back when everyone heated with Coal.

Now, No Coal, No Oil, No Snow, No leaves, No high Taxes, No Crime.
Life is good, God is Great! L,,,,