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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nostalgia Trip

Forgotten Items

Going through the vaults I came upon these never before printed images.

This is a ticket stub from a Worcester Dead concert in 1987.

I took this picture of a flag draped fan outside a Grateful Dead concert in Springfield on March 25, 1985.

A ticket stub from a 1984 New England Patriots game.

Paul Walker leaving Nora's Variety Store in Pine Point in 1984.

Me and Jay Libardi in 1983.

Springfield historian Greg Metzadakis at the WAIC studios in 2004.

The Twig Painter Richard Doyle celebrating the completion of his painting "Hot Winter" in 1988.

A Doyle prank publicity photo.

Me in Doyle's gallery in 2003.

Here is decorated combat veteran Mark Ecker of East Longmeadow introducing the Jefferson Starship in Northampton in 2007. After surviving horrific injuries in Iraq, Ecker was tragically killed in a car crash last summer.

The San Francisco band It's a Beautiful Day performing at the same concert. It was indeed a beautiful day.

This picture was taken at the dedication of a section of Forest Park in Springfield as The Devine Way in honor of my mother, the ecologist Joyce B. Devine. Here my Uncle John is reading his poem about my mother called "The Lodge at Porter Lake" which was also printed in the newspaper article about the dedication in the Springfield Republican.

Here is my father with two of his grandkids Emily and Brett taken on his last Christmas.

This photograph was taken the first time all my brothers and sisters were together in the same place. The account of how that happened is the most googled piece of writing I've ever done, which is appropriate since I found my lost brother by accident on Google.

Another Kind of Trip

UMass cartooning legend Steve Lafler was recently asked by a relative if Steve could guide him to the land of the magic mushrooms:

My visiting father in law expressed interest in visiting Huautla de Jiminez, the remote mountain town in the northeast corner of Oaxaca famed for it's magic mushrooms. I've been living in Oaxaca for 2.5 years, and of course I'm well aware of Huautla and it's sacred mushroom rituals. I have been in no rush to get there and gobble down magic fungus, as I approach them with respect and a wee bit of caution these days. Past experience with them has generally been wonderful. I consider that the 'shrooms themselves have a sense of humor and important information for human beings.

To read about Steve's adventures click here:

Political Trip

Jack Villamaino of East Longmeadow has formally announced his candidacy for State Representative. Here he is on the right at his official kick-off this week with Northampton's Dr. Jay Fleitman.

Holyoke State Rep. Michael Kane and WGBY's Jim Madigan.

Today's Music Video

Here's Evan Dando at Northampton's Iron Horse a few days ago.

A new one from Hamp's School for the Dead.

Tony Pierce photo.


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Mark Ecker - R.I.P.

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$16.00 for a Patriots ticket!!! times sure have changed