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Monday, February 1, 2010

Polito Versus Neal

Media Skirmish

Former WGGB-TV40 investigative reporter Jim Polito (above with Clare Higgins) is now a radio host in the Worcester area at station WTAG. Last Friday he had quite a controversial rant on his show about a request Polito received for an interview from a staffer of Congressman Richard Neal. Allegedly the request was being made because one of Neal's challengers, Tom Wesley of Hopedale, had been on earlier.

The press aide suggested that Polito had gone easy on Wesley and that Congressman Neal also receive a "break" during his appearance, seeming to imply that Neal should be served only softball questions. Polito was neither co-operative nor amused, as Tom Wesley himself reports in this press release.

Tom Wesley with Agawam's Peter McNair and Bob Magovern. City Councilor Magovern is a direct descendant of the family of Amherst's Emily Dickinson.

WTAG radio host Jim Polito, during a broadcast on January 26, revealed that a press aide to Congressman Richard Neal had called him and requested that Polito have the congressman on his show. The press aide cited that Tom Wesley had appeared on the show, and Congressman Neal should receive the same treatment as Wesley during his appearance.

“Congressman Neal is running so scared and so desperate right now that he wants to come on this show,” said Jim Polito. “Now, his aide cited that I had his opponents on, and specifically the aide mentioned Tom Wesley of Hopedale ... I think he is more concerned about Wesley. He is that desperate. The best thing to happen was that election last week. Because it took people like Neal who have been sitting there and taking the voters for granted and just figuring he’s just going to get re-elected every two years and it gave him some religion.”

Polito explained that the press aide cited “equal time” in requesting Neal’s appearance, and said Polito must also give Neal “the break” that Polito had given to Wesley. Polito responded: “No I don’t. Absolutely not. If Richie Neal wants to come on this show ... its going to be about the Democratic Congress and its going to be about [his] failed policies. That’s what its going to be about.”

Here is a video of Jim Polito's complete remarks regarding Neal's request.

The Golden Boy

Two weeks after his election Scott Brown mania continues to sweep America. As if being immortalized by Saturday Night Live wasn't enough, there is also a Scott Brown action doll for sale. He comes with three outfits - senatorial, casual and Cosmo. The Boston Herald reports:

Faster than a speeding pickup! More powerful than a locomotive full of Kennedys! Able to kill off Obama-care with a single vote!

Look, up on the Web! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Sen.-elect Scott Brown - Action Figure!, a Connecticut company that makes custom dolls modeled after celebrities, politicians, reality stars and crooks, will roll out its latest action figure tomorrow - the new Republican senator from Massachusetts....

BTW, if it’s any indication of the mood of the country, Vicale reports that the Obama doll is a “terrible” sell.

“He doesn’t translate into a good action figure because he never does anything,” he joked. “All he does is babble nonsensically.”

Each Scott Brown doll is priced at $34.95. Click here to place an order

Today's Music Video

Dar Williams got her start playing the coffeehouses of Northampton. She doesn't live in the Valley anymore, but as you can see from her latest video, she's still doing alright.

Haymarket Mirror by C.M. Pauluh


Carol said...

Richie Neal is arrogant and must be replaced by either Wesley or Fleitman.

Anonymous said...

Jim Polito is the worst thing to happen to Worcester radio. Dumb as a box of rocks. You should have kept this conservative blowhard in Springfield. Glen Beck wannabe, I hope he fails.