The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Assorted Shots

With study and a little practice almost anyone can learn the technological side to taking pictures. But no one can teach you what to point your camera at! Either you have the eye for it or you don't, and that is what distinquishes the artist from the mere photographer. For example, here is a nice but dull photo I took today of the Edwards Church in downtown Northampton.

But where most people see humdrum reality, others see artistic posibilities. For example, here is the Edwards Church as photographed by Candace Hope.

Sometimes you don't know what you've got until you share it. For example, this video filmed outside the Amherst Historical Society was something I just made spontaneously on the spot without plan or rehearsal, yet 50,000 people have viewed it.

I was just outside the Amherst Historical Society this morning and took this pic. I used to live a few houses down from it on North Prospect Street.

The building housing the society was constructed in 1744. The neat thing about those ancient structures is the idiosyncratic features of handmade craftsmanship. For example, I wonder what this little side window on the left was created for?

The 1700's was when the Massachusetts revolutionary Paul Revere lived. A painting of the patriot is on the wall outside Raos Coffeeshop in Amherst.

Inside Raos this morning.

I probably spend too much time in coffeeshops, but at least I don't go to bars! This is the sign in the alleyway behind one of my favorite coffeeshops - The Haymarket in downtown Northampton.

Flag and signs outside Northampton City Hall.

Here is me and Monique the other day in The Evolution Cafe located in the hamlet of Florence, which is a semi-independent part of Northampton.

The Evolution Cafe evolved out of one of downtown Hamp's most infamous establishments, The Fire & Water, which used to be near City Hall. The original joint was controversial, frowned on by the authorities for its wild bohemianism. Its old sign is now hanging over one of the toilets, which may or may not be an editorial statement of the owner's experiences at the downtown location.

A poster of UMass graduate Bill Cosby for sale at the Student Union.

Someone sent me this photo that proves that, whatever his flaws, Congressman Barney Frank at least takes an interest in our nation's youth.


Anonymous said...

Great Jefferson Whatever videos!

candace said...

Hi Tom,
I randomly stumbled upon this blog post today and am flattered to see one of my photos used to exemplify a photographer with an artistic eye.

I thought you might find it amusing to learn that I made this photo quite impulsively by sticking my arm out the window of a car as we traveled through the intersection toward State Street. Happy accidents!

Candace Hope

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