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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, March 29, 2010


And That

This great video has surfaced of the first minute or so of the St. Patrick's Holyoke Road Race:

When Jeff Ziff and I went to Conant Brook Dam earlier this month, we couldn't help but be intrigued by the gigantic Chinese characters someone had painted on a spillway.

Here's a close-up that Jeff took.

We wondered what the hell the message was that someone had gone to so such trouble to paint, but we had no way of finding out. Well, leave it to the internet to produce the answer. Leon Zheng wrote in to say: "These are eight separate words, and the meanings are: justice, bravery, humanity, courtesy, honesty, fame, loyalty and honor."

So now you know.

Jeff also took this picture of some signs at an exit in Palmer. Notice the gambling casino sign.

Hmmm, does Palmer know something we don't?

Here is the class of 1981 from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in the Pine Point Section of Springfield.

Miss Markett, Lynn Rossmeisl, Dawn Roberts, Christine Gibbs, Becky Sullivan, Paula Garvey, Darlene Dusseault, Maggie Berthume, Gail Donermeyer, Ann Woodbury, Chrissy Brennan, Christina Torro, Marie Peck, Tom Stabilo, Brian Elliott, Jim McCoy, Roger Sagendorph, Tim Quirk, Tom Bretta, Tom Quapian, Shawn Corbitt, Robin Dunn, Michael Poole, Bill McMahon, Jimmy Kervick, Jim Cicerchia, John Danio, Bob Pastreck, Joe Santamaria, Malachi Gladden, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Dunn, Eddy Ebberston, Chris Dalecki, Anthony Tarrantino, Jim Stote, Mike Kervick, Brenda Girard McMahon, Jeff Prairie, Marissa Miles, Missy Cyr-Shockroo, Kathy McKenzie, Kim Keddy Kennedy, Lisa Messier, Kara L. Cruz, Michele Lariviere Gropp, Carol Angers, Liz Mulcahy, Moira Pasini

The Music Section

Longtime local Grateful Dead tunesters Lobsterz from Mars at The Lighthouse in Ludlow.

Northampton's School for the Dead has a new video out.


Anonymous said...

OLSH is now the new Thomas M. Balliet school.

jim said...

I see where they closed "our lady of the trailer park" church in hungry hill and combined it with st. Mary's in east Springfield